Operation Skinny Jeans: Under Construction

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Under Construction

As I eluded to yesterday things around here will are changing. I am very excited about the new direction I am taking. I have been in a bit of a rut, so I think this change is exactly what I need.

Here are a few things you can expect!

1. Weekly Goal Link Party will now be hosted by Amy from Diary of a Fat Mommy and Carolyn from Fitnasty for Life. Check out their blogs for the new-and-improved link up :D

2. Getting rid of one forced post gives me more time to write what I feel like writing. I have felt really pigeon holed between the Monday link-up, Weigh in/ Workout Wednesday, my Live Well Colorado blog on Thursday and then #fridayfitstagram link-up on Friday. That really only left Tuesday for me to say what I wanted to say, and by that time I have felt so stifled that I didn't know what I wanted to say, so sometimes I didn't say anything. I will be doing less and less WI/WW Wed and more "whatever-the-heck-i-feel-like-writing-wednesday". And once August is over, my Thursdays will open back up. That will leave my new favorite link up- #fridayfitstagram still alive and kicking, but with way more creative freedom in-between.

3. I miss FASHION! When I started this little B-log almost 10 months ago, one of my main purposes was to write about CLOTHES! And shoes! And all the things I love to wear and want to wear etc. I miss that. So I am going to incorporate more of that. Think ootds and all that jazz. I am going to have to hit up Marcy from The Mustache Diaries to see where she got her magic skinny-fying mirror. Lawd knows I need one of those!

4. I am also considering Extreme Makeover Blog Edition. I am the kind of gal that needs to switch it up every so often. Aside from a color change earlier this year, OSJ has looked the same way for the last 10 months. I think it's time for a switch up. Don't know what it will look like yet tho. I had a brilliant idea that came out totally cute but then I realized it was not me at.all. Side note- if "country cottage chic" is your jam, and you like chalkboards, hit me up. I have a header all ready to go that I am more than happy to give you. It's adorable, just not my style.

I will even personalize it to say your blog name with buttons :D

5. MOAR FOOD POSTS! I have always wanted to write more about food, including clean eating and more recipes and such. But truth be told, it aint gonna happen. I just don't have time for that (and it's not something I am particularly passionate about, sry.) SO I have recruited my dear friend and fitspo Fit Mama Z!! Jackie and I are friends in real life, and she has completely transformed her body using food. She is a rock star and I can't imagine anyone that could teach you more about clean eating than her. Check her out on FB,  give her a like (tell her I sent you), and sit back and enjoy the awesomeness. She is gonna rock your socks off with clean eating info. For reals.

what else…


I think that's it. Just more awesomeness coming your way. OH! Two things. ONE! My Bestowed Box giveaway ends tomorrow so you probably should get on that. Two! crap I totally forgot #2….

Oh yeah! Sponsorship! I am having a flash sale! Until Friday, because of all the changes going on around here, ALL of my sponsor spots are 50% off! Use the code CHANGES to get the discount! That means you can get my coveted in post spot for under $8. With over 1500 people eyeballing that thing every day, that's a good deal! Check out my sponsor tab for more info.

So there you have it. Hope you are ready cause I am stoked!

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  1. I am literally LOL'ing!!!! You are so damn funny! That mirror is the bomb.com!!!! You definitely need one and you can find it at your local Kroger for 8 dolla dolla bills yo! xoxo

  2. TBTB!

    Get it? Take back the blog. Heh heh.


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