Operation Skinny Jeans: Setting Mini-Goals to Help You Get Movin’ Toward Big Change

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Setting Mini-Goals to Help You Get Movin’ Toward Big Change

As you know, I am a blogging ambassador for the Colorado Get Movin' Challenge! Every Thursday I will be blogging about that experience! Here is how I am setting goals for the challenge (and beyond).


Making a commitment to move for 30 minutes every day for 30 days seems really simple. But after about 10 days, you can start to lose steam. Setting mini goals can help keep you on track and focused! Here is how I like to set goals, and how I keep myself accountable to them.

I love to set goals. Goals keep me on track and motivated to succeed. When I set goals, I keep a few things in mind. Goals need to be specific, measurable and achievable within a set time frame. I could set a goal to run 10 marathons, which would be awesome, but not something I am going to be able to do within the month of August.

When I set goals, I like to attach rewards to them. Not only is it more motivating to me, it keeps me focused on the end, even when things seem tough in the middle. Rewards are going to be different for everyone. I like to set a few easier goals to keep me on track with smaller rewards, and a few larger goals that are cumulative that come with a larger reward.

For the Get Moving Challenge, here are the goals I have set:

Week 1: Establish a workout schedule.
1. Run at least 2 miles for 3 days. Determine my pace.
2. Work out in the gym for 30-45 min for 3 days
3. Take a really long walk at least one evening (3-4 miles)

Week 2: Improve
1. Improve my pace by at least 15 seconds per mile.
2. Go on a hike
3. Take a spin class

Week 3: Focus
1. Improve my pace by another 15 seconds per mile.
2. Go on a bike ride (bikes downtown)
3. Map out and run a 5K with family and friends

Week 4: Goal becomes habit
1. Run at least 3 miles for 3 days.
2. Do yoga 3 days.
3. Climb 20 flights of stairs.

As you can see, I set my goals by week. In a week I know that I can realistically accomplish three solid goals. I don't want to set too many goals for myself so that I get overwhelmed. Obviously one of my goals is to be active all 30 days. Because I have committed to this challenge, I am taking that as a given. I set specific goals that I know I can achieve over the next 30 days.

Here is how I am breaking down rewards. For every new thing I try (hiking, spin class, bike ride, 20 flights of stairs) I am going to buy new work out gear; a headband, a water bottle, a cute sports bra and running shorts. Each week I meet ALL of my goals, I am going to pamper myself with a manicure. And for every workout I complete, I am saving $5. At the end of August, I am going to hopefully have $150 and with this money I am going to buy an awesome heart rate monitor. It is something I have wanted for a while, so this will be a great way to earn it.

I like to set short term, achievable goals that keep me motivated and on the right track. Small goals are the stepping stones for long term success.


How do you set goals? What are your favorite rewards?

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  1. I did something similiar this year with my resolutions. I set 12 mini goals, one per month, so that I didn't feel overwhelmed to make huge changes at once. I've really enjoyed that. I also set 1 or 2 goals each week, as my max, because I know again if I set too many, it will get overwhelming. Sometimes they overlap, occasionally I need to carry over the same goals for a few weeks until it's become a focus or new habit.

    I tend to treat myself with massages. which is an expensive way, so I save massages and tattoo (milestone reward), mini rewards are watching my favorite show without guilt, or cruising the target clearance section ;)

  2. This is awesome!!! I am so going to try and do this!!!! xoxo

  3. I love that you're using your goals to buy more gear for more workouts! That how I know you got the bug! :)

  4. I love the idea that you have rewards set up for your workout goals. I have rewards in mind for my loosing weight but not my workouts. Maybe I should give that a try too. Maybe it would keep more motivated. Thanks for sharing.

  5. these are really great goals Jess

  6. Hi from a new follower! :) Setting goals is a brilliant idea to achieve things. I'm always writing lists and goals, not just health and fitness wise (control freak, I know :p) and find it definitely makes everything less overwhelming :D

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  8. I forgot to tell you where I got the hcg123. I bought it at Sprouts.

  9. Hcg1234 sorry for the error. I bought them at Sprouts.


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