Operation Skinny Jeans: My 30 Minutes of Movin’ Favorite Exercises

Thursday, August 15, 2013

My 30 Minutes of Movin’ Favorite Exercises

As you guys know, I am writing for the Live Well Colorado Get Movin Challenge all month. Each Thursday I am sharing the blog I am writing for them with you guys! This one contains specific Colorado references, but the ideas are still relevant :D


Now that we are about half way through the challenge, I have started to notice a lot of my exercises are the same. I want to start to switch things up. As much as I love running, I think it will be fun to add some more variety. Here are my 5 favorite ways to get movin!

  1. Rip Deck. Rip Deck is a deck of cards workout app on the iPhone and I LOVE it. You can program it with any 4 work out moves you want, and it randomizes it at the touch of your finger. It usually takes me 30-35 minutes with a warm up, and you do 100 of each exercise! My favorite combos are Push-ups, Squats, Jumping Jacks and Crunches, or Tricep Dips, Lunges, Mountain Climbers and Bicycles. You can do them anywhere, take it anywhere, and you are only using your body weight so aside from the price of the app, it is free to do as well.
  2.    Yoga. I love yoga. There is really nothing that makes me feel as strong and as centered as yoga does. I have taken yoga classes, looked up sequences on line and followed videos, and there really isn’t a wrong way to yoga. Yoga is by far one of the best total body workouts I have done, and afterward I feel refreshed and energized, rather than exhausted. Check out your local rec center or gym for their group fitness schedules and definitely pop into a yoga class!
  3. Take a Hike. I love the outdoors. In Colorado it is practically a crime to not go camping or hiking at least once during the summer. There is all sorts of information out there on great hikes, ones with different difficulty levels, and different destinations. One of my personal favorite trails to hike is the Ceran St. Vrain trail. It is west of Boulder (just past Jamestown) and is a great 3ish mile hike right along the St. Vrain river. 
  4.  Farmers Markets. You might not think if perusing a farmers market as “exercise” but you are walking around for upwards of 2-3 hours and it definitely counts. I love to walk around and see everything, and I buy all of our produce at farmers markets during the summer. Not only are farmers markets a great place to find local businesses and food, they offer a great opportunity to get outside and walk around. There is an awesome one in Cherry Creek, but you can probably find at least one in your town.
  5. Take a bike ride. I personally don’t own a bike, but that is why I love Denver. The B-Cycles in Denver are so cool. You can rent them for a day or even just an hour, and you pick it up at a bike rack, and return it at another bike rack. Since downtown is a great place to ride (safely of course) it makes so much sense to rent a bike for a few hours and check out the city a new way. This is a great option for those of us who can’t store a bike, or don’t have the money to buy one.
So there you have it! I love that there are so many different ways to get active for little to no money. With so many options, adding in just 30 minutes a day is really maintainable, even after the challenge is over. 

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