Operation Skinny Jeans: I love Polyvore.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I love Polyvore.

There are so many amazing websites out there, and this is one of my favorite. Like top 5.

I am not sure you know this about me, because sadly I haven't blogged much about fashion recently, but I LOVE fashion. I always have. I used to have notebooks where I would design outfits after outfits of things I wanted to make. I got a sewing machine for my 13th birthday and I started to modify my clothes (sometimes to my parents' chagrin). I believe that fashion is such a vehicle for self expression. And sadly being a fat girl, it is HARD to find cute clothes! It seems that society believes that if you are over a size 12, you are also 65. There is no in between.

However, the internet is changing that. There are more and more options for us fashionable fatties and I couldn't be happier! What does this have to do with Polyvore? Really nothing, actually, I just got off on a tangent. Moving on. 


I love Polyvore! Polyvore is a really cool online tool that lets you put together outfits based on either their HUGE database of clothes (complete with price and place you can buy it) OR by clothes you "clip" to your account to play with later. I love this option so I can virtually put together different outfits before I shop, and it tells me how much each outfit costs. 

And you can use pieces from different websites to compile outfits! Here is where you create:

From here, you can search, browse or add things you have clipped. To add something to the collage, just drag it on over. 

Next, you can change the size and location of it on your collage. You can add more stuff, and make a complete outfit. 

And tada- you have an outfit. 

And as you can see on the side- Polyvore tells you how much each piece is and where you can buy it! How  cool is that! I had no clue those adorable heels were only $16. I need to check those out…

And in case you want to buy any of these: Top / Jeans /  Shoes / Bag  

So there you have it. A little run down on one of my FAVORITE websites. I could, and do, spend hours on here. 

Btw, this just occurred to me that this could sound like something I was paid to write lol. Nope, just gushing on one of my favorite sites. I use Polyvore to create outfits (that I will be featuring on here way more often) so I wanted to introduce you to it if you hadn't heard of it. Polyvore has no clue who I am, and that is okay by me :D 

Do you love Polyvore? What is your favorite part? Just discovered it? How many hours are you gonna waste on it tonight lol? ALL OF THEM?

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  1. THANK YOU for this post... I've been wondering how people made collages like that and couldn't figure it out for the life of me!!

  2. Love this! Totally going to check this website out!!!


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