Operation Skinny Jeans: How I Keep Movin’ (Even When I Don’t Want To)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

How I Keep Movin’ (Even When I Don’t Want To)

As you guys probably know, I am a blogging ambassador for the Live Well Colorado Get Movin Challenge.  I am sharing my blogs that I write for that over here so you get all the good info :D

This is something I get asked really often, so I hope you enjoy!!

Lets face it. Life gets in the way of our goals sometimes. Our days get off track, and even if we really wanted to fit in 30 minutes of activity, it looks like it isn’t going to happen. This happens to me all.the.time. And the way I get around this is by saying to myself “I don’t have time to workout. I MAKE time.” No one has time. If we all had oodles and oodles of time to workout, we would all have the bodies we want. The fact is that we don’t. We have families and jobs and responsibilities that can get in the way. Which is why I have to remind myself daily that I don’t have time. I have to make time. That usually gets my butt off the couch.

The other way I stay accountable is by setting up fail-safes. My husband and I take our dog for a walk every night after dinner. It’s a nice relaxing time for us, and it helps our dog work out some of his energy from the day. If we don’t go, he bugs us until we do. He will bark, whine, howl and bring our shoes to us after dinner so that we will go on a walk. This has been awesome. I know even if I miss the gym in the morning, I will at least go on that walk.

Having someone keep you accountable a huge help. This also works with a workout buddy. Make a plan to meet at the gym with a friend. They will keep you accountable, and you wont want to miss because you promised them you would be there and you don’t want to let them down. Same works for a trainer. I had a trainer for 8 weeks that I met with at 5:30 am 3 times a week. I would wake up and look at my phone and think for a second about texting to cancel, and then I would feel like a failure. I knew I was letting him down, and myself down, and that I wasn’t going to reach my goals if I kept making excuses. I never once missed a day.

If you can’t afford a trainer, check out your nearest gym or rec center for group fitness classes. Group fitness is awesome because it is fun, and it is always at the same time. You wont dread going, and you have a scheduled meeting time to work out. If you make friends in the class, they can keep you accountable to being there. Nothing makes you feel worse than someone asking “Hey! Where were you last week?” if you don’t have a good excuse.

So if you find yourself having a hard time fitting that 30 minutes in, first remember that no one has time, we all have to make time, and then just go do it. You know you will feel better after you have, and once you get into a routine, it wont even cross your mind that you don’t want to.

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