Operation Skinny Jeans: A couple things

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A couple things

Just a quick update on the 30 Day Shred progress- Its going well! Today is day 3, and I haven't skipped a day yet, so booya! I am amazed by how much stronger I am than the last time I attempted it. Before I literally didn't get through the WARM UP. The jumping jacks killed me and I quit. Now I can get through the entire thing without stopping. Sure I might not be the fastest person, but form beats speed for me right now, and I think that is an important lesson to everyone.

More than getting the "30 Day Shred" results, I want to prove to myself that I can stick with a specific routine for 30 whole days. The Live Well Colorado Get Movin challenge is coming to an end, and while I have made it every day so far, getting 30 minutes of SOME activity in, I want to keep that going, and prove that I can do something I plan to do for 30 whole days.

If you wanna join the challenge, I have an accountability group set up on Facebook you are welcome to join. Click the link to request it, and I will approve you. https://www.facebook.com/groups/diejilliandie/

Secondly I want to talk to you about Adproval. I was once a huge fan of Passionfruit Ads. I used them and loved them, until one day. I had purchased an ad on another blog that I didn't realize was already booked for a few months. Since I wanted to spend my money on something that would be seen before the end of the year, I asked the blogger for a refund. She emailed Passionfruit and waited. Then a few days later I emailed Passionfruit and waited. Then she did again. And she called them. And together we basically harassed them to get a freaking response. Their customer service was HORRIBLE! FINALLY I got my money back, so I was happy, but it didn't leave a very good taste in my mouth.

Then a few weeks after that, Passionfruit rolled out their new program, where you have to pay $9 a month for their services. I am not a big blog. There are times where I don't MAKE $9 a month. So this is ridiculous. I didn't know what to do. I could manage my own ads, but the service is SO convenient that I didn't want to lose that, I just didn't want to feel like I was being ripped off to keep it.

Thats when I read a blog about Adproval. I don't remember who (sorry!!) but I looked into it and I fell in LOVE. It is what Passionfruit used to be. They take a small cut of your profits, but no monthly fees. AND better than Passionfruit, you get PAID the same day you approve an ad, no waiting! And it goes into your bank account, rather than PayPal, which I feel like is where money goes to not get used unless it's on the internet… I don't love PayPal…

Anyhoo, that sold me enough to switch right on over. Setting up was a breeze (albeit slightly different than Passionfruit, so if you switch and have questions, feel free to ask me), and importing the ads I already have was easy too. It has really been a seamless transition. Except one thing. Setting up my account through Amazon with the site. COMPLETELY user error on my part (#poundimamoron…) but the OWNER emailed me the other day to see what was up. He noticed I had an ad that was purchased that I didn't accept yet, and I told him my payment part hasn't been set up yet and he went to WERK! Emailing me back right away, troubleshooting, helping me discover that I am the problem lol, and offering to check it in a couple days to make sure everything is on the right track. I mean HOLY CUSTOMER SERVICE BATMAN!!! I can not even tell you how happy I am with Adproval so far. Erhmagerd.

My point is, YOU DON'T HAVE TO STICK WITH PASSIONFRUIT! If their new system makes you feel like you are being used, SWITCH! Scared?? Ask me! I can help you!

****Adproval has nothing to do with this. They don't even know I wrote it. No compensation, no nothin. I am just so happy with it. So happy. ****

I just felt like it needed to be said. There are some awesome tools out there for bloggers, free-ish tools that we love and get used to. I take personal offense when these tools take advantage of our naiveté and basically screw us. Not cool! 

Thinking of switching? Doing 30 Day Shred? Have a dog? Lets chat!

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  1. You inspired to make the 30DS my goal for September! I, like you, want to prove to myself that I can stick to something for 30 days. :)

  2. I don't have any ads on my blog, I'm a total noob when it comes to stuff like that. I might look into more once I have a bit more of a following but for now I'm happy to just write and get it seen.

    I'm going to start 30DS tonight (again). I've been telling myself all week that I'll start but not done anything so I'm off to the cinema then when I come back, I am getting my sweat on! ;)

    Alana Gets Healthy

  3. Ugh Wish I had known about Adproval before paying for a year of Passionfruit - Oh Well you live you learn

    Anyhoo - Level 2 is kicking my butt! I am so glad you are doing well - keep it up!

  4. Nicely done with the 30DS! And thanks for the info on Adproval! I'll have to keep it in mind for if I ever take a run at monetizing my blog (HA! RIGHT).

    Hey...you design your own blog, right? I like to fiddle around with HTML, and I've been working on a redesign for mine. I've been trying to figure out how to implement an image map for the header, and I see you have one. How in the world did you get your layout to accept a gadget instead of the header? I've tried editing my template, according to these instructions (http://natashamay.blogspot.com/2013/06/how-to-make-clickable-header-aka-image.html), and I'm able to remove the header, but I can't add anything in its place. Maybe it's because I'm on blogger? Have you ever run into this?

  5. Way to go sticking with your workouts! I need your motivation. Definitely jointing your fb group!

  6. I'm on day 2 of 30DS! Great minds, right? I've done it on and off for a while, but I have never done it everyday or for 30 days! Good luck to you!!! I'm hoping I can keep my streak alive :)


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