Operation Skinny Jeans: Simple Lifestyle Tweaks for Getting Healthy- By Valeri

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Simple Lifestyle Tweaks for Getting Healthy- By Valeri

Happy Tuesday everyone! It's freaking hot here in Tucson!! lol I am excited to introduce you to Valeri from The Gold Life  blog! Enjoy!!


After eighteen months of busting my ass, I have officially made it below the 200 pound mark. That means I have lost over 70 pounds – essentialy the weight of a small child. It’s crazy to think how far I’ve come… and how far I have to go. While Jess is off vacationing, I figured I’d share some simple lifestyle tweaks I made that helped me shed the pounds. 

1. It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet. I know this has been said a million times before, but if you’re serious about losing weight and getting healthy, you need to stop thinking “diet” and start thinking “lifestyle”.

2. Don’t bring the pot to the table (or the couch). I don’t cook super healthy. I’m a big fan of Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese, Turkey Burgers, and Spicy Sesame Noodles – not tofu, broiled fish, or broccoli. But what I’ve learned is to eat smaller portions of the food I love. Billy (my amazing boyfriend who also lost over 70 pounds) and I will give ourselves one serving of dinner, then go plop on the couch. I find that because the pot of food is so far away, I won’t want to get up to get seconds. It’s a little tweak, but you’ll find that you just don’t need as much food as you used to.

3. Always have a bottle of water with you.
When I started my new job, I noticed that everyone had these cool tumblers on their desk filled with water. So, in order to fit it, I did the same thing. Just the fact that the water was sitting there made me reach for it more often. More water = less hungry/generally healthier.

4. Trick yourself into working out. I’m not a morning person, but I really hated leaving work at 4:00, commuting an hour home, and then having to go right to the gym. It sucked. So one day, I was like “hey, let me try to wake up a little early and workout, then it will be done and over with”. Best Decision Ever. If you’re like me, it probably takes you a good hour or so to fully wake up in the morning. If you spend that hour (or even just 30 minutes) in the gym, you almost don’t even notice it. I’m kind of a zombie when I work out – not fully awake, but not sleeping. And before I know it, that half an hour on the elliptical had come and go. Best of all? Working out in the morning seriously jump-starts your metabolism.

4. Eat dessert. Every single night Billy and I have dessert. Usually a scoop of light ice cream, maybe a few reduced fat Oreos, but you can bet that around 8:00 we’ll be having something sweet. In my opinion, it makes me feel like I’m not depriving myself; that it’s not a diet, it truly is just a new lifestyle.

Valeri is a twenty-three year old Marketing Content Specialist livin’ the gold life in the Philadelphia suburbs. You can read more of her posts about health, beauty, fashion and finance at The Gold Life blog.

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  1. These are some really great tips! I never used to be a morning person either but when I realized my working out was taking away from the rare alone time my husband and I get I started getting up extra early. Not only has it been beneficial but I actually have started to get used to waking up that early. My body craves some sort of physical activity and it really jump starts my day!

  2. love this!


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