Operation Skinny Jeans: My hair, not my ass, is on fire.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My hair, not my ass, is on fire.

Ok so as you have probably gathered from the ridiculously irregular nature of my posts the last two weeks, my life is effing crazy right now. EVERYTHING is happening right now and I wake up with so many good intentions, and as I lie in bed I think about all the ways I have failed. And the part that sucks is that ALL of the things are excellent things! They are awesome things that I have worked hard for and I am so happy are finally happening, just the ALL.AT.ONCE thing is really overwhelming.

SO I need your help. How do you fit this all in? Getting in a good sweat sesh when things are so crazy is the last thing I think about, and I want to change that. So, to all the women even busier than me, SHARE YOUR SECRETS! :D

I promise things will become more regular here soon. I am working on a new routine for my day that will bring some peace back. And now that the big stuff is done (vacation and moving and starting a new job and most of the planning for the fit camp, and training for my new side gig(on top of the new job) ), I can focus on whats to come (running the fit camp, blogging more consistently, unpacking said apartment, settling into my new job(s), etc).

Any suggestions? I need all I can get! Share your wisdom with me.

OH! And my lady crush Ashley from Fit and Sassy Ash  and I are teaming up to bring you a new Link Up! It is called #fridayfitstagram! When you post a fit pic to instagram, hashtag it #fridayfitstagram and every Friday, Ash and I will chose our favorites and feature you! Then link up your instagram name with us and find new instafriends!! Sound like fun?? I thought so too!

So join me tomorrow to get it started! 

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  1. I understand how blogging and working out when times are stressful. If you are short on time for working out, try doing a tabata style workout. It can be either with cardio or circuit training. Do a move/run for 30 seconds then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat 4 times. You can make your own workout!

  2. If you figure out the secret to balancing everything, will you please let me know too. I struggle with keeping it all together and managing my time with out going crazy too....lol

  3. finding balance is so hard. it has taken me quite a while to figure out how to fit working out in. Honestly the best thing I have found is to get up before the sun. I workout in the morning because when I was working out after the kids went to bed there were so many more excuses to not work out. Now I make it non negotiable. I will do SOME sort of physical activity EVERY SINGLE DAY. I know you aren't supposed to workout every day but if I don't I will lose my momentum!
    Plus I try to fit in extra throughout the day. Take the long way to the bathroom, use half my lunch break to work. Do squats in the bathroom. I stand up all day to help burn calories instead of sitting on my chair.

    Get creative. You will find something that works for you.

  4. I meant use half my lunch break to walk...not work. no working for free here. :)

  5. It's hard when your life is super busy but I've come to accept that's how my life is going to be for the next while... so you just find ways to manage. The biggest thing for me is to stay organized! If I'm not organized, things start to fall apart and get messy and it totally snowballs. Taking 15 minutes each evening to pick up the house is a BIG help! It doesn't take long at all to tidy up, just those 15 minutes, but having a clean house is absolute key for me! If the house is messy then everything else starts getting messy and it all snowballs and I get disorganized. Sounds silly, I know... but it's a big help!

  6. I work for a kaw firm by day and am a stage manager by night. I work out every day for an hour - by not giving myself the option not to. It's simply not a choice, if I want to loose weight (or, lets be honest, some weeks stay the same or not gain so much) I HAVE to work out 5-6 day s aweek for about an hour each day. I come into work an hour early and take a lunch and go and some days stay after work. You just have to find the time, and remember, taking care of yourself, is not an option.


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