Operation Skinny Jeans: Get Movin' Challenge

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Get Movin' Challenge

You are probably thinking "UGH another challenge" but hear me out.

I live in Colorado. My state is pretty awesome. Not only do we have mountains and farm land and big cities, we have so many awesome programs to be healthy. As a state, it is our goal to be the fittest state of all. I fully support this mission.

Thats why I am proud to say that I am doing the LiveWell Colorado Get Movin' Challenge! Basically the challenge is, starting August 1st, you just get moving, for 30 minutes every day. Yep, all 30 of them in August. I am so excited to have this goal to work toward!

And another cool thing is I am actually an ambassador for this challenge, so I will be blogging and instagraming about it throughout the month!

"But Jess! I don't LIVE in Colorado!" you are probably saying. To that I say "That's a bummer, because Colorado is awesome" but really, that doesn't matter! So you can't log your time into the system to win cool prizes, BUT you can still do the challenge! So I challenge you, my faithful readers, to get your asses off your couches and GET MOVING in August! Share your activity with me on Instagram @operationskinnyjeans and take just 30 minutes a day to get active. 

Wanna join me?? Awesome! Lets do this! 

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  1. that is so cool Colorado does something like that!

  2. That's fantastic! I hope Colorado knows though, that there's 31 days in August, not 30. ;)

  3. That's so awesome! Mississippi needs to do something like this. This Mississippi girl is in!


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