Operation Skinny Jeans: Written in Blood

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Written in Blood

Something I did a few months ago but kept forgetting to write about was one of my 36 in 365 goals. "Get my Cholesterol and Blood Sugar tested."

Diabetes runs in my family, and as I got bigger and bigger, I was worried that it would hit me too. One of my #1 reasons for losing weight is to have a healthy pregnancy. The words "Gestational Diabetes" scare the crap out of me. Heck, hearing the words "you have diabetes" would be almost too much to hear, but I knew I had to know. I had a blood test on March 23rd (I weighed 251.1), and I was so happy with the results.

My blood Glucose level is 80 mg/dL. Low is considered anything under 101, and 80 is perfect. I don't even have a touch of pre-diabetes in me and I could not be happier.

Cholesterol. I don't think bad cholesterol runs in my family, so I wasn't as worried about this one, but I wanted to know. My Total Cholesterol is 135 mg/dL (below 200 is good). My HDL (Good Cholesterol) is 29 mg/dL (which is poor… Under 50 is bad…) My LDL (Bad Cholesterol) is 88 mg/dL (below 100 is ideal, so I am good there). And my Triglycerides are 91 mg/dL (under 150 is good). So over all, not terrible, but my Good Cholesterol is low. How do I change that? Well losing weight really helps, and so does doing aerobic exercise. I am on the right track to bring that where it needs to be.

So all in all, my insides are not looking too shabby. Fun fact, my resting heart rate is 75 BPM. Healthy is between 60 and 100 BPM. I would 100% recommend you get your blood tested. It might be scary to actually KNOW what's up in there, but ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to this.

Have you had your blood tested? What did you learn?
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  1. As a county employee, blood test are required for the county to continue to pay for your health insurance. Three years ago when it was tested for the first time, not only did they share the results but they actually showed the fat that was sitting on top of my blood. It looked disgusting. It was that moment that I decided to incorporate exercis into my routine and learned that skinny does not equal healthy. At that time I was 127, 5 ft 1".

  2. That is awesome of you for checking in on your health! Everybody should do this regardless of their size or shape, etc!!!

  3. Great Job!!! I got my first Bzz Agent package today!!! Thanks for the encouragement. I'm looking forward to this!!

  4. I had a full physical too recently. Everything came back within normal range except my resting heart rate of 44!! Doc said if I wasn't a runner, he would be more worried. Except when everything else came back normal, the heart rate became more concerning. I've been referred to an endocrinologist so we shall see. And I meant to put runner in quotes because that's how I see myself - I'm a "runner" not a runner.

  5. I get mine checked annually. My employer requires it for our health insurance. Suprisingly my numbers have always been REALLY good even when I was crazy overweight.


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