Operation Skinny Jeans: Weekly Goals Link Party 6-3

Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekly Goals Link Party 6-3

Holy crap it's June. Just me?? This year is really flying by.

I will go over my May goals later this week. Here is how I did on last week's goals:

1. If you bite it, write it. Admittedly, I did terrible at this last week. I am going to try again this week. 
2. Get back into a routine. This has been a crazy week, and I haven't been to the gym :/ So this one is a fail too…
3. Eat every two hours. I did pretty well at this. I stay fuller longer when I do this. I am hoping to make it a routine. 

And here are my goals this week! 

 The 10 Week Challenge is half way over! I am not where I wanted to be at this point in the challenge, but I am ready to kick ass for the last half! It's not over yet. I am making a plan to get back on the right track and finish this challenge strong. I am working out the details of a Diet Bet to start on Friday, so look for more details on Wednesday!

I have owned the 30 Day Shred DVD for a few years now, but I haven't done it in a long time. For June, I am going to try to complete the 30 day shred. I have only done it once (like for one day, and I thought I was going to die…) so I am ready to challenge myself and try again. 

I made really yummy Quinoa burgers a few weeks ago, and I really enjoyed it! I want to make quinoa again, so I am keeping my eyes peeled for any other yummy recipes. 

Are you making goals this week? Can you believe that it's freaking JUNE already?! Did Jillian kick your ass too? Link up with me! 

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  1. Hello!

    I attempted the 30 day shred a couple of weeks ago. I started out strong and then it got really boring. However, I've incorporated some of her moves into my own impromptu workout! I did level 1 for about five consecutive days and then quit (from boredom) Before that I did about 7 days every other day! I have not attempted the entire DVD straight through but I may attempt it now that I will have more time on my hands. I also hate that she does more talking than moving throughout the video. Good Luck!

  2. Take your measurements & photos before you start the Shred - you will be amazed at the difference in the end.

  3. I've never had quinoa so I can't help, but I did have a recipe pop up from another blogger just after I read your goals. It was quinoa and cabbage - I really know nothing about this ingredient! :)


  4. You can do it!! I did the 30 day shred last summer & than moved to ripped in 30! Remember mind over matter! You WILL not die, yes it will hurt, yes you will be sore, yes you will want to give up DONT!!! I lost over 8 inches all over by doing it!! I truly didn't lose weight though, until I changed my eating habits! Cant wait to keep following your journey! You can do it!

  5. I'm extremely interested to read your experience with the shred!!! I plan on doing it once I get to my goal weight at the end of the summer, to tone up. And please post the quinoa burger recipe! I've been wanting to try one.

    Thanks for hosting this linkup!

  6. It's always good to have a plan..and to measure the results.



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