Operation Skinny Jeans: Weekly Goals Link Party 6-10

Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekly Goals Link Party 6-10

I just have to say I am loving this beautiful weather! Yesterday it was 95 and I laid out by the pool and it was awesome.

I just realized I never went over May's goals! I didn't do so well on any of them. May was kind of a blur and lets just move on past that :D I will start thinking about June goals and update the "Goals" tab asap.

Here is how I did last week:

1. Make a plan! I did this! I can't believe there are only 4 weeks left of the 10 week challenge. My plan for the next 4 weeks are as follows. I am doing the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse with a group of challengers starting tomorrow, that will end at the end of next week. Then I am going to continue eating clean hopefully indefinitely, but certainly until the 10 week challenge is over. I am also going to actually start 30 day shred this week, and doing Rip Deck 5 times this week. I love that it is so fast paced, it is cardio and strength training in one.

2. Do 30DS. I kinda touched on how I failed at this above, so yeah…

3. Eat Quinoa again. I didn't do that either, BUT I cooked some for the 10 day cleanse so I will definitely be eating it this week. 

This week's 10 week challenge "Mini Challenge" is to eat clean. It's time to get back to basics, and eating clean is about as basic as it gets. I am eating super clean for the Advocare cleanse, so this shouldn't be a problem :D

I have not been doing this, and I need to remember that I don't have time to work out, I make time. This week I am going to MAKE the time to work out. 

I have made a pretty concrete meal plan for the next 10 days and I really intend to stick to them. I love that on the Advocare I can eat real food, so I am definitely going to take advantage of that. I am going to try to resist the urge to cheat because it is only 10 days. Wish me luck!

Are you making goals this week? Link them up with me!

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  1. I agree, May is over and done with! (I did NOT do so hot in May) June will be a whole new month - let's look ahead!

    I need to make time to work out as well. I've been relying on C25K and I'm still in the beginning so I'm not doing quite as much as I should and when the weather doesn't cooperate, I don't do anything. I need to get better about making it a priority too.

    Good luck with your goals this week and your cleanse!


  2. I love the way you put it--I don't have time to workout, I make time. My old WW leader always used to tell us that if we catch ourselves saying, "I can't work out/track my points/get in my water" to restate it out loud as, "I WON'T work out/track my points/get in my water". It's crazy how much of an impact simply restating something simple makes!

  3. You go girl-- can't wait to hear about the results from your Advocare cleanse! I know I could be eating cleaner than I do, so it's always motivating to see other people who are sticking to it. Good luck this week!!


  4. Great goals my dear! Keep it up!


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