Operation Skinny Jeans: Two things.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two things.

1. Why are women's sizes not consistent? This is something that boggles my husband, but it's something I have just come to accept. Until now. As you know I ordered two pairs of shorts from Old Navy in the SAME exact size. I got them the other day and one pair fits great, and one pair is too small.  So I decided to stack them on top of each other to see the difference. Holy cow.

The adorable star patterned jeans are a solid two inches smaller than the other ones. Huge bummer. Except that Old Navy has an awesome online exchange policy and my size up are en route to my vacation destination as we speak. They will be there waiting for me when I get there.

But this brings me to my bigger point, these two shorts had the EXACT same "measurements" online in the sizing chart. Why are they so drastically different in size? Why are women's sizes subjective to vanity sizing and brand differences. And not even BRAND differences here, just piece differences. That I don't get. Does anyone actually know? Besides making it freaking hard to shop, is there a point to this madness? How can I be an 18 in Old Navy jeans, and a 22 plus now in these star shorts (and the other shorts are a 20 plus)? I don't get it.

Men are lucky. Our sizes should be based on our waist and inseam measurements.

2. Do you follow me via google reader? That's a huge bummer because on Monday, google reader will go away. Yes, the time has finally come where they are taking away the way I imagine most people follow blogs. I switched over to bloglovin a few months ago and I really like it. I like the layout and I like how user friendly it is. Their website is simple and they even have an app. Gotta love that! I highly recommend you make the switch.

Only 2 more days till vacation time! Woot!

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  1. I feel the same way!!!

    I have one size from one store and two sizes bigger from another.

    Those star shorts are AWESOME, by the way!

  2. We've noticed with Old Navy that even two pieces of the EXACT same item can run differently. My husband bought a pair of jeans in his normal size, took them home, too small. Took them back to the store and held them up to another pair of the SAME jeans in the SAME size, and the original pair was cut at least an inch, maybe 2, smaller! Unfortunately it looks like poor quality control on their part.

  3. I hate that crap! Those star shorts are super adorable!!

  4. My Husband and I were talking about the SAME thing yesterday! I came to the conclusion that there are far too many underpaid and overworked employees in Singapore, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, India, or the other numerous out-sourced locations of sweat shops that are making our clothes as fast as humanely possible, sometimes with mistakes, especially since we're the only country still using the Imperial system. Third world problems for them; First world problems for us.

  5. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS! PS cute shorts ;)

  6. Yes, this is generally frustrating but I think Old Navy is exceptionally bad. I have two of the exact same skirt (different colors) and clearly one of them is mislabled because the size is that different. I think it is an issue of quality control.

  7. Love the shorts! And yes, it sucks that women sizes are so different at various places. Even workout shorts! I typically wear a size large in shorts. So I bought two of the SAME BRAND, but different style, and one pair fits great while the other is a biiiit snug. Boo! I still wear them though, ha!

  8. Well. Not to be a complete brat but Old Navy is cheap. I don't wear ANY pants from them because of their fit issue. Even the ones that are 'my size' fit weird. They're either fine on the hips and loosey-goosey in the crotch (not a cute look) or I can't button them but they're fine on my vajay and booty. So annoying. Such a bummer. Because those star shorts are super cute. I hope the exchanged ones fit nicely!

  9. Argh, I HATE the way women's sizing is done. I've got stuff ranging all across the board. So. Darn. Frustrating!

    But ps, I love the star print! So adorable!

  10. Ugh, I know. Women's sizing is SO annoying. I got to the point where I was wearing size 0 one day and size 7 the next and gave up all hope. Love those shorts though, so I'm glad you got it figured out in the end! :)

  11. Vanity sizing is the key reason there is variation from brand to brand. Variation within a brand is lousy quality control. Which underpaid third world seamstress should be beaten so you can have better sizing consistency?

  12. that is so incredibly annoying!! I hate that it varies so much from brand to brand but within the same brand is just ridiculous!


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