Operation Skinny Jeans: Goals and rewards

Friday, June 7, 2013

Goals and rewards

If you know me, or have read my blog for more than 30 seconds, you know I am all about setting goals. I set goals every week, I set goals every month, I have year long goals, and I may or may not wake up and set some goals for my day too. #dontjudge. For all this goal setting, one thing I am actually not fantastic about is rewarding my success. I have gotten a few new pairs of pants along the way, but more out of necessity than reward.

One of my awesome challengers Ashley at Fit + Sassy Ash (god could she BE cuter?!!?) bought herself a pair of new shoes and can't wear them until she hits her goal of 30 lbs. She is only 3 lbs away, but those shoes are staring at her every day, waiting to be worn. I need this. I need that piece of candy dangling in front of my face, reminding me daily of why I am waking up and sweating.

So I bought a bracelet that I LOVE from Fifth and Mae.

Fifth and Mae | Endless | $5.95
It is absolutely gorgeous and I am I can't stop staring at it.  I have decided that I will not wear it until I hit 245. I have been jumping in and out of the 240's for WEEKS and I am ready to hit 245. I am going to do everything in my power to not have to wait too long. 

God I am obsessed with it! 

I also bought these earrings, but you better bet those bitches are going in my ears on the drive home from the mail box. 

Fifth and Mae | Peach Drops | $5.95

Ok back to the point #oohshiny I am going to be better about rewarding myself when I reach my goals. 

Fun fact- Fifth and Mae DIDN'T sponsor this post. Michelle (the mastermind behind the cutest jewelry ever) blogs over at Binge There Done That about her life and lifelong struggle with food and food addiction. You should DEFINITELY check her out. And her jewelry. Because seriously. #socute

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  1. looooove fifth and mae! so many cute things, and for so little money!

  2. I almost got those earrings too! You might have just given me a reason to get them... as a goal reward... however, can my goal be to actually order them and then the reward be to wear them? Seems easy enough to me, right? ;)

  3. this is how I set my goals to only I usually wait to but the item until I have reached my goal BUT I like the idea of it staring me down!!!

  4. I have a reward waiting for me, too! My fiancé bought me a new Coach bag in February and I told him to hold onto it until I lost my first 20 lbs. I am 4.4 lbs away from that and I can't wait!

  5. Eeeeeee what a good way to kick your booty in shape-- and that bracelet is AMAZING. I lack the willpower to not wear things immediately after buying them, but have been rewarding myself with manicures every 10 lbs or so-- it definitely works. You got this!!


  6. Love it! I definitely need to think of some smaller things to do as I reach smaller goals. I have a few bigger rewards that I'm working towards, but those take a while to reach.


  7. I love the jewellery, I am so going to be checking it out!! I think setting goals is a great idea I do the same but I'm also guilty at being rubbish at rewarding myself. I may have to look into some rewards


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