Operation Skinny Jeans: Love and Lust

Friday, May 10, 2013

Love and Lust

I thought I would write today rather than vlog :D The vlogs aren't going away, but I probably wont be doing them every friday.

There are lots of things that I am loving right now.



BRIGHT Running Shoes

Game of Thrones

Megan Lara's Nerdy Designs

And lots of things I am lusting over.

Hand Weights

Skinny Meg's Arms

iPad Mini

Sky High Wedges

Bikini (and the body to go with it :P ) 

What's on your love and lust list? Don't forget to enter my Origami Owl Giveaway! 


  1. I just bought some wedges in that brand! Payless has them so they are not too much $$$ it is great :)

    1. I have those ones in pink! I love the green too tho… :D

  2. Just discovered your blog!

    I'm currently on a health kick, too, and your wishlist above mirrors quite a lot of my own. Bright trainers FTW!

  3. LOVE bright running shoes! :-)

  4. I got super excited here in the break room at work and saw that the Megan Laras nerdy designs picture was Rose. I'm a big Doctor Who nerd :)

    1. OMG me too. That design is my back ground at work :D I am a HUGE dr who nerd :D

  5. love quinoa! and those shoes are super cute.

  6. I love love love quinoa! I want a bunch of running gear. LOL!

  7. lusting yoga too...and the bright running shoes, they draw peoples attention down to my calves...and away from my belly!

  8. Love love love quinoa and bright running shoes too! And tall wedges... love them, wear them all the time... and totally ate shit in a parking lot wearing them this weekend. Like totally fell on my ass in front of all the world to see!

  9. I LOVE GAME OF THRONES! Seriously...can't get enough of that show. Although sometimes I need a flow chart to follow along. :P


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