Operation Skinny Jeans: A New Perspective

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A New Perspective

First! My Origami Owl Giveaway winner has been chosen! She has been notified by email and has 24 hours to respond! If she doesn't, I will choose a new winner. Also, if you won the bag of chips giveaway, have no fear I will be contacting you this week to get those to you! #holymoleymylifehasbeencrazybusybutididntforgetyou :D

I am really interested in other people's journeys. Not only am I am blogger, I am an AVID reader. My bloglovin is filled with new posts every morning. I love even more when people who don't blog share their journey with me. I feel like I am personally invested in the success of every person on the internet. It can be time consuming lol :D

That being said, I want to introduce you to Nicole. She shared her struggles and successes with me and I want to share them with you. Take it away Nicole!


When it comes to weight loss I feel as though I am a constant “work in progress”. From the college 15 that turned into the college 50 to the subsequent 45-lb gain, I have always had work to do but rarely the motivation to do it. I’ve had gym memberships languish, Curves cards gather dust on my keychain, and an entire box of workout DVDs bought optimistically over the years abandoned at Goodwill (and really, Carmen Electra’s Strip Tease Workout? Just why), but I could never tell you why that was – I have never been happy with my body, even as a reasonable size 7 in high school.

        It turns out what I was lacking was the right brand of motivation; that is, losing weight for myself. During a long series of monogamous relationships I found myself rollercoastering between wanting to lose weight for the Ephemeral Him and insisting to myself that I must look fine because I was happy and in love. But recently, all on my very lonesome aside from my dog, I’ve decided that I’m kind of sick of looking this way. I decided to start exercising and monitoring my eating. And lo and behold, we’re 7 weeks in and I’m not going to say I haven’t cheated, but I certainly haven’t given up.

        My secret weapon is P90X. There are a few reasons that I chose this program, but the main one is that I prefer working out at home. I am not much for spending money on gym memberships/machines and group classes make me self-conscious. The secondary reason is that I am hella impatient. Think of the most impatient 3-year-old you know and multiply it by about a thousand. I want results and I want them now, not in three years with good habits. P90X promised to satisfy both of these conditions, so I decided to hop on the bandwagon with Tony.

        I can’t say that I am a success story yet. After Phase 1 I hadn’t lost any weight, but I was stronger and my body felt cleaner. I was no longer lethargic all day at work. But the numbers were dejecting – there was no real change in clothing size either because of where the weight was coming off. It is important to note here that during Phase 1 I was not following the nutrition program. I’m hypoglycemic, and picky, and in general I feel as though I eat just fine so I let my laziness rationalize that the exercise alone was going to get me 90-day Challenge worthy results. But the lack of tangible results hit me so hard that I skipped four workouts the last week of Phase 1 and ate out several times that week.

        Enter Phase 2. During this phase I spoke with my coach on TeamBeachBody.com about nutrition, and we settled on an 1100-calorie per day limit with no micronutrient breakdown. After tracking it for two weeks I realized that the things I consider to be my “diet” are really my “at home” foods—during the typical week I eat out way more than I thought, especially with unplanned work outings, and I have a small addiction to breakfast burritos (to give you an idea, I thought I ate 1 or maybe 2 a week; turns out I eat those 800-calorie suckers 3-5 times a week most weeks). Calorie counting is onerous and irritating, but you can bet I now think twice before allocating 2/3 of my calorie intake to a breakfast indulgence. Also, even though I’m not managing my micronutrients, I still get to see the pie chart so I pay a little more attention to the amount of fat in my diet regardless. J

        The second change I made in Phase 2 was upping my exercise to a version of P90X doubles. My biggest issue with Phase I was that I was putting on muscle but not burning enough fat, so now I add an extra cardio workout to my strength training days. Right now I prefer the INSANITY Fast & Furious because honestly I can barely make it through it, and that is the kind of intensity I need to feel like I’m getting results. The last change I made is not looking at a scale. That’s right, I don’t weigh myself. There are a million opinions on this, but with P90X the numbers are going to mean less to me than to many people. I focus on the way I feel and the way I look, and consider it a win if either of those is improving. I've recently become a BeachBody Coach so that I can help support people just like me! If you’d like to talk to me more about P90X or the other BeachBody workouts I’ve tried, or frankly anything else regarding my weight loss frustrations and strategies, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail at nmangio@gmail.com. Have a super sparkly day!

Here is Nicole before and now. 

I think everyone can relate to Nicole's struggles and successes. I think she would be an awesome person to chat with if you are looking for support. :D

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  1. I love reading other people's stories as well - they are a huge motivation and I love seeing others succeed! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. If anyone can relate to the college 50, it's me! Thanks for sharing her story!


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