Operation Skinny Jeans: 36 in 365, update time!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

36 in 365, update time!

It's been a while (eek! end of January!!) since I have updated you all on my 36 in 365 progress!

As a refresher, here is my list!

  1. Lose 25 lbs Woot! 
  2. Lose 50 lbs (235)
  3. Lose 75 lbs (210)
  4. Get into "one"derland! (199, duh)
  5. Lose 100 lbs (185)
  6. Lose 125 lbs (160)
  7. Hit my goal of 130!
  8. Do a 5K Check! It was awesome! Read more here
  9. Run a 5K
  10. Run a 5K in under 45 min
  11. Run a 5K in under 35 min
  12. Wake up early to work out, just once.  3 times a week my friends! I am doing it!
  13. Take a Yoga class Twice a week, and it is kicking my ass!
  14. Take a Kickboxing class
  15. Take a Spin class
  16. Take a Zumba class  It was super fast paced and it kicked my ass, but I liked it!
  17. Complete the "Commit to Fit" Weight loss challenge  Done! Check out how my final thoughts here.
  18. Go to the gym 5 days a week for a month. June is my month! I have got this!
  19. Run a mile Yup, this happened :D Read here
  20. Run a mile in under 10 min
  21. Do 10 push-ups (real ones.)
  22. Climb 10 flights of stairs
  23. Go on a hike
  24. Buy a Bike
  25. Learn how to swim (yeah yeah, I know)
  26. Get a physical and have my bloodsugar and cholesterol tested. OMG I did this! I need to write about it…. 
  27. Wear a size 18
  28. Wear a "normal" size (16)
  29. Get rid of all my "fat"clothes
  30. Buy a pair of Skinny Jeans Nailed it! Look!
  31. Buy a pair of normal width boots!
  32. Get into single digit sizes
  33. Become a success story
  34. Get pregnant
  35. Buy a new swim suit
  36. Wear a Bikini

As you can see, I entered 2013 with some BIG goals! I am a little nervous I wont accomplish some of these, but the year isn't even half way over. I've got time!

I am only 12 ish lbs away from losing 50 lbs which is awesome. I wanna be there by the end of June. It is my goal to be in "onderland" by my 26th birthday in September.

I am really close to size 18 pants too. My 20's are a bit big, and I tried on a pair of 20's at Old Navy and they were too big. I should go try on an 18 to be sure. I will probably cry lol.

I want to buy a bike this summer, or get one for my birthday. My husband has a bike, but I don't, so I need to get on that :D

I am almost done getting rid of my "fat" clothes. I am not sure I have anything else that fits, besides shirt. I actually noticed that my shirts still fit, just fit better, which made me realize how delusional I was 40 lbs ago. How did I think that looked good??

Anyhoo, I am on the right track! I am going to update again at the end of June, and hopefully cross off a few more things!

How are you doing on your 2013 goals?

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  1. Congrats Jess! You are doing awesome. I need to make a goals list like this, too! Thanks for the idea :) (I'll link you if I decide to publish it)

  2. I love this list! You are doing SO good and I can't wait to see you cross more items off the list!

  3. You've accomplished a lot more than I have!!!! Congrats!!

  4. Hahaha my lifetime goal is to wear normal calf boots, but no matter what size I am these things are ginormous!

    Nee reader btw. ;)

  5. Congratulations! You're doing awesome on your list!

  6. Just found your blog by chance! Wanted to congratulate you on your success so far! I look forward to reading about your future success! I have joined. :) BATTLE ON!


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