Operation Skinny Jeans: Vlog Friday! Gym Etiquette

Friday, April 12, 2013

Vlog Friday! Gym Etiquette

And a Vlog appears! I have wanted to write this post for a while, but after the gym last night, I decided to try out a vlog :D

(please forgive the HORRIBLE thumbnail. I didn't pick it. )

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  1. LOL!!! OMG!! This cracked me up!! "Don't talk to me when I'm naked!" I always end up at the gym right when the old ladies get out from water aerobics. I'd add "Please don't stroll around the locker room naked. Or just 'hang out'in your bra and panties on the benches" I don't know about you but when I change at the gym I do it as quickly as possible. lol!!! :-)


  2. Favorite line "annnndddd don't talk to me while your at it!"

  3. "...so it doesn't turn into like a food line, like from the depression." Bahahahaha!
    You are my new favorite blogger.
    Found you through Skinny Meg's blog. I love what you're doing!
    Please keep sharing your story and being HILARIOUS!

  4. Not gonna lie, I totally text while I'm on the elliptical...but my legs are still moving while doing so, so I think it's alright. :)

  5. Love this! You are awesome.

  6. came over from Skinny Meg's blog! You are so cute and amazing on your one mile! I know your exact emotions!!! Congrats sista! Keep up the amazing work!!!!


  7. Stopped my from Skinny Meg's blog. :) Love your video today! Too funny. And a big virtual high five on your mile. That's awesome! I've been working out and WALKING since January. I'm up to three miles but I'm still just walking. Might have to let go and try to run! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!
    PS I'm having to sign as anonymous cause I don't blog and I can't figure out the other options. ;) But my name is Kim and I'm takmat4 on Instagram. I'm going to look for you on Instagram now.

  8. I so agree with all of the naked-related ones! Ugh, get AWAY! I also find it weird if I am the only person using one of the dozen or so ellipticals or treadmills and you jump on the one right next to me. I have to add - if I am doing sets of a few exercises and rotating between machines, please do not use any of the machines until I'm done with my sets. You can wait the four minutes until I'm done! I don't need you interrupting the flow of my workout and I REALLY don't need you sweating on the machine and not WIPING it in between my sets. (I'm with you on wiping your equipment! No one wants to sit in your puddle of nasty sweat, ew!) -Angie

  9. Hilarious!
    "annnnd don't talk to me while you're at it!"
    Made me giggle!

    Thanks Jess!

  10. a-freaking-men. can't quite relate to the naked issue because my gym thankfully has changing rooms but the urinal principle can totally be applied to machines. if there's 5 other open treadmills don't get on the one right next to me.

    you're funny. and always inspiring.

  11. Girl you are too freakin' cute!!

  12. came over from Skinny Meg's blog! You are so cute and amazing on your one mile! I know your exact emotions!!! Congrats! Keep up the amazing work.

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