Operation Skinny Jeans: Vlog Friday- 10 week challenge!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Vlog Friday- 10 week challenge!

Ok finally more details on the 10 week challenge AND what my goals are for it!

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  1. I was really busy yesterday and totally missed reading your blog post. BUT.. I just joined you on the Facebook page for the challenge :) I need to think of some 10 week goals. Where should we link up the fridge picture? p.s. What a part of California you visiting in July? I'm out here :)

    1. I am visiting the San Diego/ Oceanside area! Is that near you?

  2. Bahahaha ONLY you would get people who talk to you while you are naked!! LOVED this video :)

  3. Just joined. About to make a vlog and blog about it. :)

  4. How do I link up?


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