Operation Skinny Jeans: Random.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


So today's post is kinda random :D

1st. My NatureBox giveaway is over and I have emailed the winner! If you are stuck in a snack rut, check out the comments on that post because holy snack ideas batman.

2nd. I am linking up with Holly, Kimmy and Jennifer for this awesome little link-up. I love the idea and I can't wait to see everyone else's old pictures!


Here is me in 2nd grade :D

Next up, I wanted to share some awesome blogs that I love! 

I am pretty sure if Lex and I lived in the same state, we would be besties. She is hilarious and I love that she blogs about everything! She is my featured sponsor for April and May, so be sure to check her out and say hi! You should definitely link up with the Non Scale Victory link up she hosts with KTJ every week :D

Firstly- Meagan is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. Nextly (which is totally a word) Meagan, like me, is a new runner and she is kicking ass! She is changing her life one day at a time by changing her body and her outlook! Who doesn't love that positivity! Check her out for sure. 

Sarah is about as obsessed with fashion as I am, which means I want to go shopping with her SO BAD! :D We would have a spree. Also, she is my sister in lactose intolerant arms! She is adorable and also British so, obvi, we are going to be bffs. She is working her ass (or whatever British for ass is…) off and I love following along! You should too :D

So there you go! Go follow these awesome ladies :D Also how stinking cute was I in 2nd grade! I mean come on, look at my gigantic eyes. How could you say no to those! 


  1. That dress/top whatever that is...it is amazing! lol thanks for linking up with us!

  2. I SOOO had that dress in your second grade pic!!

  3. I would have LOVED your outfit in second grade! :) Cute!

  4. Gotta love what our parents dressed us in! Great pic :)

  5. That off the shouldernesssssss is hawwwwtttttt thanks for linking up!

  6. You are the absolute sweetest and reading this just absolutely made my day!!! :) I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog and I appreciate all the readers this post has sent my way!!

    xoxo Meagan


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