Operation Skinny Jeans: Makeover your Fridge

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Makeover your Fridge

It should probably come as no surprise that your fridge has a lot of power when it comes to your weight loss success. The things in your fridge, the way its organized and even the places you put things can all either make or brake your success. Together we are going to make our fridges work for us, not against us, by making just a couple easy fixes.

Imagine this. At the end of a LONG day at work, you come home, probably starving, and look in the fridge. What you find is chaos. You there might be something in there that is edible, but it is so overwhelming to look at that you shut the door and grab the takeout menu. Sound familiar?

How about this. It's a Sunday afternoon and you are bored. Nothing good on tv, and you think you are hungry. You walk over to the fridge and see a take out box with old chinese food, and a box of strawberries that might not be good anymore. You grab the lo-mein and go sit back down.

Our fridges can make even the best intentions go ary because of how it looks. Have no fear, I can help you out.

  • Organize your fridge. Jen at iheartorganizing  has a great post about how to keep your fridge looking photo friendly. If you haven't read her blog before, clear out your afternoon. 
  • Pre-cut and package your veggies. With the best intentions, I will buy a head of broccoli and put it away whole. A week later, I will throw away a rotted head of broccoli… If I get home from the store and wash it, cut it up and put it in ziplock baggies, I am WAY more likely to grab a bag to snack on, or take to work, or steam for dinner.
  • Pack leftovers into individual sized tuperware. If you are actually going to eat the leftovers again, put them in tupperware and PLAN to eat them. Too often, we would cook too much, save the leftovers in a big container and it would go bad. We would forget we had it and it would go bad before we remembered to eat it. 
  • Put the bad stuff on the bottom. So in a perfect world, our spouses and children (for those who have them) would eat the exact same healthy food we do, and rainbows would be like highways to the clouds where you can pet unicorns. Unfortunately thats not the case. Sometimes you have things like cake or pie or ice cream in your fridge and there isn't much to do about it. Put it on the bottom of the fridge so you don't see it right away. And if you can, put it in a dark container so you don't have to look at the frostingy goodness staring at you while you grab your grapes. Out of site, out of mind. 
  • Clean often. It doesn't take more than a couple weeks before things get dark and hairy in there. Once a week, throw away everything that is growing or wilted. 
With these simple tips, you should be able to whip your fridge into shape in no time. If you are participating in my 10 week challenge, and wanna try out the weekly mini challenges, go clean out your fridge and try these tips! Take a before and after picture and send it my way for a chance to be featured on my blog :D

Got any fridge tips? What works for you? Is something growing in your fridge right now? 


  1. I love this idea. I usually put all the bad food at the top shelf because we have an old school fridge and when I look down I can't see the top shelf. But it's the perfect height for my kids to see when they open the door. Embarrassingly I still have beer in there from the Christmas party. I kept saying I'd finish it, but I haven't. Great post!

  2. I was looking at the pics people were posting of their fridge and thinking 'woah, mine is WAY more empty than theirs.' But I clean mine out every single week so nothing has a chance to build up in there. We always have plenty of food but compared to other people's fridges, it looks like we must starve!;)

  3. I have realized that once i cut my strawberries and have them ready to go it is such an easier snack. I have also started to try not to keep junk food in the house. Which makes it perfect. Lately if I am wanting somethign sweet i go for the strawberries or some peanut butter with either carrots or apples. Great way to NOT give in. :)

  4. I always have left overs on our menu each week but nothing will sit iin a container to long im allergic like highly allergic to mold so i make sure its all cleaned in ther. but i deff like this post for the organization. i kniw i need to do that no doubt.

    Amanda @ mission possible: from fat to fit http://abaaweightloss2013.blogspot.com/

  5. Good tips! I was planning on cleaning out the fridge and pantry today. I will have to keep this in mind.


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