Operation Skinny Jeans: Weigh in Wednesday 3-6

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday 3-6

As I stepped on the scale this morning, I realized three things.
1. I need to try harder.
2. I need to start tracking my food again 
and 3. Crap! This is going the wrong way!!

I will share my weight a little later, but I am going the wrong way. I had a bad weekend of eating, and last night probably didn't help either. This weekend we went to Fogo de Chao which is an "all you can eat meat" kind of place. It was delicious, but a huge challenge to stay on track or even pay attention to portions when you are eating meat by the slice. I wont be going back until I have a better grasp on things. 

Then last night we went to Geeks who Drink trivia night at a local bar, and had nachos, even tho we had just had dinner. I would be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts at least one of those new pounds are nacho pounds. 

I also got an email from my nutrition coach last night because I haven't emailed her in 2 weeks. I haven't been tracking so I had nothing to email. That has to come to an end today. 

So all in all, it wasn't a great week, and will Commit to Fit coming to a close next Sunday, I need to get myself together! 

Here are the numbers…

Jess- 254.0  (+3.5) (-31.6) 

Gosh thats a lot... It is time to get back on the right track. 

Alex- 298.1 (-2.0) (-4.8)

Alex is doing awesome! Almost 5 lbs down!

And as always, we are linking up with Erin and Alex for Weigh In Wednesday!



  1. I find that when I don't track my food, it makes it super easy to fall off track. Tracking everything, even when it's bad, holds you accountable. I've been struggling too and haven't been on my best behavior that's why I blogged today about getting back to the basics. I need to use this week to focus on those things and hopefully next week at this time I'll be fully back on track and hopefully you will too!

    PS - I freakin' love nachos... hope you enjoyed them, my mouth is watering just thinking of them!!

    1. lol they were pretty good. They had green chili on them lol

      I am going to track everything this week! It is my mission!

  2. I realized the same things this morning too! lol

    Let's get back on track!

    Cheers to a better week!

    1. Cheers! Can't wait to see how you did next week!

  3. Keep up the good (albeit hard!) work ladies! It's so easy to get off track - if I don't track my food it's like a downward spiral and I just cannot stop! I've had to train myself to track all of my food, even stuff like nachos ;)

    Keep focused - you'll get there!

    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

  4. I thought this was a good post and I wanted to share with you that I have a list. This is a list of restaurants that I should not go to. I can't go to these places because I know that I lose all sense of self control. Then I don't feel awesome. For you it may be different but I know me pretty good. Anytime I end up at a place on the list, I don't make healthy choices. Thankfully, I don't end up at those places often. (All you can eat places are definitely on the list and I haven't been to a buffet in a long time.) Esther Norine Designs

    1. That is a brilliant idea Esther! I need to make a list like that!

  5. Tracking makes such a difference with meeting your goals. You can do it though, one step at a time!

  6. Tracking food is something I had to do in the beginning. A buffet is always a bad place for me to be because I love food! As I type this, I'm looking at the Fogo De Chao and it looks delicious. I love Brazilian Meat places.

    1. It is fantastic. But the meat is so good you don't want to stop :/

  7. Jess WE can do this!! I had an off week!! :)

    Alex YES!!! I'm so so proud of you!!


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