Operation Skinny Jeans: There's An App For That

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

There's An App For That

So I've really been trying to take advantage of smartphone apps lately to help me out with my weight loss journey, and I thought I'd share them with you :) (Note: I have an Android phone, so these apps may not be available on iPhone, though I'm sure if they aren't, something similar is available).

If you like us on Facebook, you may have seen that I decided to give C25K another shot once I (finally!) figured out that they have apps available. When I attempted it for the first time last summer, I had no way to time myself, and would just kind of be like, "Okay, I'll run through the chorus". This app is so much more effective. It alerts me when it's time to walk and run, so I don't have to. And best of all, it works with the music of your choice playing in the background!

(ETA: If 5K training is something you're interested in, head on over to KTJ Weighing In for more info on the Spring Training: 5K Challenge!)

By this point, most people are pretty familiar with Pandora. It's a program that tries to tailor a station to your preferences based on what you like and don't like. Now I have actual mp3s on my phone, but I thought Pandora would be good for switching things up. When I went running Monday, I listened to the Pop Fitness station (for some reason, 3 of the first 4 songs were all Maroon 5. I love Maroon 5, but how about some variety?). My mini workout tonight was spontaneous, and done to a Fall Out Boy station, and I thought it was more effective, so I plan on trying that the next time I run.

I downloaded and used this on Sunday, and I love it! I try to always shop with a list, but it's not always practical. It takes so long to write it out and sort it by aisle, and the notebook is so big, and it gets to be a hassle. Grocery iQ not only lets me keep my list in the palm of my hand, it also sorts by aisle (or area) for me! (Granted, this only works for brand name items, but you can sort generic items with just a couple of flicks of your finger). You can use the app to download coupons for your items directly to your phone (unfortunately, you have to print them off and not just use them from your phone), scan barcodes, and even sync and share your list with family members! This app made my last shopping trip so much more efficient (and cut my time spent in store by pretty much half!), and I almost can't wait to go grocery shopping again just so I can use this app again, lol.

Obviously, there are other 5K training apps, music player apps, and grocery list apps, but these are the ones I like and use :)

What are your favorite fitness/nutrition apps?


  1. every time i see the c25k app symbol, i read it as "couch to 25k" for some reason and it freaks me out haha! ive been using the easeinto5k app on my iphone which im sure is the same thing almost. i dont remember why i chose that one over c25k but its still pretty good!

    1. Lol, I can see why!

      That sounds like a good app -- I particularly like the use of the word "ease" :)

  2. Favorite nutrition app is definitely MyFitnessPal! I track all of my calories and workouts on the app. It's all right there on my phone which is so much easier than journaling for me. I love that you can also type in food places and it pulls the nutrition information up for you!


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