Operation Skinny Jeans: Sharing is Caring

Friday, March 29, 2013

Sharing is Caring

I love to read blogs. As a writer, I love to read what other women (and some men) are writing. Blogs are by far my favorite form of entertainment, over tv and magazines, and sometimes even books, because they are so personal. It's like a story I get to read one chapter at a time, every day. I have a blogs that I love tab up there, but I wanted to feature some that I read daily. I hope you will share your favorites in the comments!

Katie at The Carbmonster is hilarious and isn't afraid to tell it like it is! 

This should be a familiar face! Alex at Good Girl Gone Wife is a good friend of mine who blogs about infertility, home decor, her adorable dog Archie and her new passion for weight loss!

Skinny Meg is a super inspirational success story that seriously looks amazing. 

Alex at Skinny Jeans Pilgrimage  is on a journey after my own heart! She is a super sassy lady who is dropping it like it's hot!

If you don't read Mama Laughlin, you might be living under a rock. She is all over Pinterest and she is hysterical. 

Holly at Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally is also on a weight loss journey. She is hilarious, and so is her husband, Hubby Jack.

Katie at KTJ Weighing In is a gal after my own heart! She is working full time while trying to drop the lbs and she always tells it like it is! 

Ashlee at A Step in the Right Direction got skinny, got pregnant and is kicking ass at getting skinny again! 

Sarah from Fuled and Aflame is kicking ass and taking names! She has lost over 40 lbs and is super inspiring!

Erin from She's a Big Star is a super star mommy blogger that is kicking ass on her weight loss journey! 

So there you go! My favorite ladies (and gentleman) in bloggyland! See your favorites? Have any to add to my list? I am always looking for another blog to read! 


  1. Diaryofan80schick.blogspot.com
    I need some readers..im so new to this blog/weightloss thing! Help?
    Yours is great btw....;)

  2. Ahhhh my face is on your blog!!!! Why have I been in such a nasty work hole haha. Thank you my darlin for giving me a holla <3 <3 <3


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