Operation Skinny Jeans: Goals!

Friday, March 1, 2013


Happy March 1st everyone! I can't believe this year is going so fast! February is over and it's time to reflect on some goals!

In February I wanted to lose 10.3 lbs and I have to admit defeat on this one. I still feel great about my weight loss this month!

I also wanted to get to 249.9 by today and that didn't happen either. I went to a play last night and ate out. I didn't make the best choice ever and the scale showed it this morning. BUT I am knocking on 250's door and I can't wait to step inside!

Commit to Fit is going great! I haven't missed a work out yet, and we only have 2 more weeks to go! I am hoping to hit my weight loss goal there and get a new outfit!

So now I guess it's time to set some March goals!

I want to be under 245 by April first. I hope to be less than that, but smaller goals are less intimidating.

I want to start planning food better too. We have been really bad about that recently. (That may mean the return of the weekly menu!)

I want to join a gym after Commit to Fit is over. I want to keep working out and having somewhere to go is paramount for me.

I want to get a body bugg. I really miss being able to track the intensity of my workouts and my calories burned. This is on the to of my to buy list!

I want to Clean up my Kitchen and start eating cleaner. We have gotten better but I am ready to take the plunge!

How about you guys? Did you meet your February goals? What are your goals this month?

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  1. This is a great idea! I'll share my goals with you. I want to be at 136 by the end of March that's four pounds. I also want to buy the nike fuel band. That watch looks super helpful but pricey too. Esther Norine Designs


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