Operation Skinny Jeans: Clean up your Cubicle

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Clean up your Cubicle

If you are like me, you have a full time job, siting for 8 hours a day behind a computer with very little opportunity to get up and move around. You pack your lunch in the mornings, ride a train into the city and eat whenever you have a free minute. You struggle to pack perishable snacks like fruits and veggies and usually find yourself munching on goldfish crackers or a granola bar. You make a point to get up and pee or fill up your water bottle at least once an hour just to get your legs moving.  Just me?

It can be hard when so much of your time is spent at a desk. There are some things I have done to make sure I am eating better at work.

1. I always pack food to take with me. I pack breakfast, lunch and two snacks every day. If I don't bring something, I always end up going to the 7-11 across the street, and there is nothing healthy to eat at 7-11, trust me.

2. Don't be afraid of fruits and veggies. Sure they aren't the most convenient to stick in a bag, and they might bruise on the way there, but really it's worth it. And you have to EAT them. I put my fruits and veggies on my desk so I see them before I even open my drawer. I know they are there and I can reach for them anytime.

3. Avoid packaged foods. I completely get that they are easier, believe me, but they aren't going to be as good for you. Go to a Sprouts or Whole Foods and buy a big bag of raw almonds from the self serve section. Portion it out for yourself. Or if you want to get super fancy, try a crack at making your own granola bars. It's not as hard as it seems, and they are so much more delicious! Here is a recipe that looks yummy from Freeze Your Way Fit.

4. Bring things that stay good. The hardest thing about working in a cubicle is that you might not always have access to a fridge (or trust the company fridge). Short of buying a mini-fridge for your desk (assuming your company would allow it), you will have to stick with things that can be stored in your drawer with no refrigeration necessary. These include nuts, whole fruits (apples, oranges, pears, at least for a week), a loaf of bread (for emergency toast), etc.

5. Avoid the office goodies! If your office is anything like mine, every friday is "goody" day. Avoid Avoid, Avoid! These "goodies" typically include bagels, muffins, doughnuts, candy, cake, ugh. Just don't do it. It will be hard. All of your co-workers will be enjoying these "goodies" and you will feel left out, but it is worth it. Go for a walk, grab a piece of fruit, take a break, just try not to give into the temptation. After the first few fridays, you will feel so awesome every time you don't eat four a bagel or muffin that they wont even phase you. Be strong!

How do you stay healthy at work? Have any tips to add? I would LOVE to hear them!!


  1. Hey, just found you through a blog hop and I'm your newest follower!

    I also work in an office, so these are great tips. We don't have a microwave in my office though and we're not allowed to bring in "stinky" food, so I rarely pack my lunch and I tend to end up buying it. But I definitely like the idea of bringing veggies to snack on. Yum!

    (I know what you mean about snacks in the office. Our kitchen is full of cookies!)

    1. Thats a bummer about the microwave! I am glad we have one! I wish we had a rule against stinky food tho! lol.

  2. even if i take lunch with me, its hard to get myself to eat it haha! Maybe i just need to pack better lunches for myself. it is super hard at my work because we always have vendors bringing in cupcakes, breakfast burritos etc. or taking us out to lunch...not to mention that there is a vending machine in the kitchen blah! But, ive been pretty good at saying no and it feels good! lol


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