Operation Skinny Jeans: Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes

Sunday, March 17, 2013


As I am sure you have noticed, things are changing around here. Alex is going back to blogging full time at Good Girl Gone Wife, and if you don't already follow her, go do it now. Seriously. That girl is awesome, as I am sure you have come to find out :) I have asked her to come back every once in a while and let us know how she is doing! Sometimes a partnership sounds like a great idea but it turns out not to be, and thats okay :)

So things will be slightly different around here :) I have changed the look a smidgen. I really loved how we looked before, but I think the new colors are more me :) I have updated my About Me page, and I am in the process of updating the other pages too. Lots of new stuff to come there.

I am also working on bringing back weekly menus! (yay!) We are working on really planning our meals and eating MUCH healthier so I want to share all of that with you :)

My Commit to Fit program is officially over and I can't wait to see how it went! I have my final weigh in this week :)

I have joined a new gym and will keep going there 4-5 days a week!

I got a BodyBugg to track my calories in and out and I can't wait to see how that awareness changes what I am doing!

So over all, LOTS of changes going on over here, all of which I am pretty freaking excited about :D

Oh yeah, and I was offered another product to review, so look for that post later this week :)

So thats what's going on here! How about you guys? Spring cleaning your fitness plan like me? 


  1. oh my gosh girl, we must be on the same wavelength cause i got a bodymedia haha! i was disappointed cause the strap was way too small so waiting for the larger to come in the mail!

    1. I was very lucky that the arm band fit. I didnt think it would!

      I can't wait to see how it works!

  2. I think you will love your BodyBugg....I've had my Bodymedia for about a month now and I can't imagine life without it!

    1. Yay! After figuring out how to sync it, I love it so far! :)


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