Operation Skinny Jeans: Sneaky Little Calorie Burners

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sneaky Little Calorie Burners

For as long as people have been wanting to lose weight, they've been secretly hoping to find some magical cure-all, a way to lose the weight without diet or exercise.

While diet and exercise are key to losing weight, thankfully, there are ways to burn calories without hitting the treadmill or popping in a Zumba video (though you'll definitely burn a lot more if you do those things!). Granted, these things aren't meant to take the place of exercise, but are instead meant to supplement them.

These are things you might not even really consider exercise. Some are even things you do every day!

Loading the dishwasher burns 105 calories every half hour. I don't know about you, but it never takes me that long to load the dishwasher. Washing dishes by hand takes longer though, and burns more calories (160 calories/30 minutes). Assuming you wash dishes for half an hour every other day, that burns 29,200 calories in a year. That's almost 8.5 pounds! How crazy is that? So go grab those rubber gloves, grab your sponge, and get scrubbing!

Spring is coming up, and I'm sure some of you are excited to get gardening (I know I am -- I'm so excited to finally start a kitchen garden this year!). And I have good news for you gardeners -- gardening burns 256 calories per hour! Less than 14 hours in the garden will burn off a pound, and there's a good chance you'll be out there a lot more than that.

Mowing the Yard
If you're one of those brave people who still use a push mower (and seriously, I applaud you -- the last time I tried to do it I couldn't), take heart -- you burn 160 calories for every half hour you mow and  work your arms, legs, and core!

It's not an every day activity, but is sure does burn calories! I actually posted something about this on our Facebook page yesterday, which ended up inspiring this post. I'm in the process of painting our living room, and while doing so, I noted how sore my muscles were, especially my biceps and delts. It's definitely a workout (for your arm, anyway, lol). It burns 288 calories an hour, so I burned over 1,000 calories just working on a couple of walls!

Half an hour of sex burns 85 calories.  This doesn't sound like much, but it adds up.

     1 time a week = 1.2lb/year
     2 times a week = 2.5lbs/year
     3 times a week = 3.8lbs/year
     4 times a week = 5lbs/year
     5 times a week = 10lbs/year
     5+ times a week = Dang! Get it girrrrrl!

And if you go for an hour instead of 30 minutes? Even at just one time a week, you're burning almost 2.5lbs a year just by having sex. Not a bad deal, eh?

Some people really hate vacuuming, and some people find it to be therapeutic (I fall in the latter category). Whether you love it or hate it, it burns calories! If you vacuum your floors for half an hour twice a week, you can burn off almost 2.5 pounds a year. If that's not incentive to get your floors clean, I don't know what is!

What's your favorite secret calorie burner?


  1. My dishwasher is begging to be loaded and since it's not the best at washing and I have to pre-wash the dishes, I'm sure I'll burn those 105 :)

    1. Our dishwasher is broken (kinda), so I feel your pain, but at least we're burning a few calories!

  2. I don't know if this makes me dislike doing dishes more or less. I do know it doesn't make me like sex more, 'cuz that is not possible!!

    1. Lol! Ain't that the truth ;) I actually really hate doing dishes most of the time, but we got one on those little sponges with a handle that you pour soap into, and it's made it SO much more pleasant.

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