Operation Skinny Jeans: Sky High

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sky High

I love high heels.

I think they are chic and sexy and feminine and can make any outfit fabulous. That being said I can't wear them. Nope.

Not only do I have chubby feet (#fatgirlproblems), I have terrible balance, and weak leg muscles so I can't walk in them either.


I am hoping that by losing weight and strengthening my leg muscles all that will be in the past and I can rock sky high heels like the best of them. In the mean time, I can drool over them on the internet. 

Target $30

Truth or Dare $130

Jessica Simpson $90

Seychelles $95

Guess $50

Jessica Simpson $100

These babies make my heart go pitter patter. Especially those Guess wedges and the Betsy Johnson nude spiky pumps. Be still my heart.

Which ones are your favorite? Do you love heels as much as I do?


  1. Those poka dot navy ones are winning. Love them!

  2. omg cringing so hard @ that gif lol. same goal for heels! i don't wear anything with backs because my feet are different sizes, no joke. one always fits like a glove and the other will rub my heels raw either too big or too tight. UGH!

    1. lol I am cringing too! That sucks about them being different sizes! One of mine is slightly larger, so heels are hard to fit for sure!

  3. You can totally do it! I wore high heels at 270lbs, just don't go out and by a pair of 6 inch stilettos ;)
    Start small, like kitten heels. I actually started with wedges because I had horrible balance (and fat feet) as well. Wedges give you more support and still give you the height. I eventually added in 2-3 inch heels and now I can walk in 3-4 inch heels and some are still easier than others. Try wearing them around the house until you get used to it :) A lot of plus size stores have started selling wide-width heels too :)

    1. That is a great idea! I love wedges a lot. I should start practicing now!

  4. I'd break my neck on them... I just know it.

    1. lol me too. That gif is pretty much dead on to my experiences lol

  5. That gif is hilarious! I'm sooo a flats girl, but I do rock some black heels on occassion!

  6. OHEMGEE! I could not stop watching the girl in heels clip! HOw funny!

    And my fav are the turquoise Jessica Simpson wedges. I sooo need those in my life!

    And P.S. wedges are super comfy for fat feet! I have fat, flat feet and I wear wedges almost everyday!



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