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Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to: Home Gym

I love going to the gym. It is fun and there is lots of different equipment to choose from.

But I also love working out at home. I love the convenience, especially when I want to work out after work but don't feel like leaving the house! I also bet there are lots of moms out there who don't have the time or ability to go to a gym. Which is why I think it's a good idea to have some equipment at home to help you out :)

1. Bosu ball $110 @ Target Bosu balls are spendy, but they are so versatile! It is definitely an investment in your home gym that will pay off!

2. Gaiam Radiance Red Yoga Mat $20 @ Target I personally own this yoga mat and I love it! I love that it is sticky so it says in place, and it isn't stretchy so it keeps me stabilized. "But I don't do yoga!" you might say. Well I use this baby for sit-ups, push-ups and any other activity where you want a defined space or a little extra padding.

3. GoFit Pro Stability Ball (55cm) $30 @ Target  Stability balls are awesome. This one even has pictures on it of activities you can use it for. One of the first lessons Pete my trainer taught me that the size of the ball does matter! (you bet I snickered at that one lol. #13yearoldboyproblems ) You want to make sure you get the right size for your height. Follow this simple chart. I am in the 55cm category.

under 4’10″ 16″ or 42cm
4’11″ – 5’4″ 21″ or 55cm

5’5″ – 5’11′ 25″ or 65cm
6′ and taller 29″ or 75cm

4. Reebok Hex Weight 10lb $13 @ Target  I love these hand weights. They come in cute, fun colors, and they are also hex shaped which I need. I use hand weights to take the strain off my wrist when I do push ups, and I need a flat side to stay stable. So these are multifunctional in my work out. Get whatever weight you think you will use the most, or you can get a few different weights if you need to. I mostly use 12 lb weights, but Target's website didn't have them. 

5. GoFit Ultimate Rubber Medicine Ball 10lb $45 @ Sports Authority You can also get these at Target, but for some reason they didn't have 10 lbs on their site, so yeah. Medicine balls are really cool, and I prefer these rubberized ones to the squishy ones for a few reasons. Rubber balls bounce, so you can use the bounce to your advantage. In boot camp, we throw them against the wall, and if you had a basement (or a wall you don't mind throwing a 10 lb ball against) you can do that too! Or you can throw it in the air, play catch with a partner or use it to do squats with. A great way to add weight to any exercise. 

So there you have it! My 5 essential pieces to any home gym! I can't wait to start putting mine together.

Do you have gym equipment at home? Any pieces you recommend, or don't? 


  1. I could really do with a mat, as I do a lot of sit ups and leg stretches on my back but it hurts on the floor!

    My fav piece of home equipment is my 1.5kg weighted hula hoop. So much fun to use and I can totally see a difference in my waste since using it.

    Corinne x

    1. I have never heard of a weighted hula hoop but I am definitely intrigued! I will check it out!

  2. I love the hexagon weights, I didn't know Target carried them!... FYI one can also get the BOSU ball at bosu.com. They have the bosu ball kit with 4 workout DVD's for $109 and free shipping. You can also get a mini BOSU (55cm) for $85.

  3. I have all except #1 and I really want to try it! May need to go get one soon.

    1. I definitely recommend it! I do push ups off it with the ball side down and it kills my core. And I also lunge with my back leg on it (flat side down) and it is awesome.

  4. Another really good versatile thing to have is some kind of stretchy band, whether thick or thin, for various arm exercises or to intensify yoga or pilates moves. And they can really help you reach if you're stretching your hamstrings or quads and can't quite grab your feet yet...like me. lol. :)


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