Operation Skinny Jeans: HOLY CRAP I AM RUNNING A 5K

Tuesday, February 5, 2013



Ok I am kinda freaking out. This came very fast, and honestly I haven't trained AT ALL, just like last time. I mean I have been working out, unlike last time, so I am hoping that will help, but I am nervous/ excited.

It has been almost 18 months since my last (and first) 5K back in September 2011. (Check out how that went here). We completed it (with a 1 year old in a stroller) in 1:05 which isnt terrible (we were last tho…) so I have some high expectations for this next one.

I weighed 30 lbs more than I do today when I did that 5K. 30 lbs makes a huge difference. Like I alluded in the post before, my race shirt is an XL not a 2X which is amazing. Also unlike last time, I have a plan. My plan last time was to just DO IT. I was elated that I did it. This time I want to run some. I am still not a strong runner so my goal is to jog until I can't, then walk until I can. Keeping up with those intervals should get me well under an hour, my goal is 50 min (a 16 min mile).

So that is my plan! Lots of stretching before, lots of water, my good shoes should help too.

So this is where I need your help! Any tips? I really could use anything you've got! 

Ps: No weigh in today. Since quitting weight watchers, I decided to move my weigh ins to Wednesdays. So look for a weigh in post tomorrow!


  1. Good luck! I did my very first 5K last June and have done 4 in total.. I'm debating signing up for a 10K in June, which is scary!

    I'd suggest taking it easy since you haven't trained.. you don't want to injur yourself! Also try not to worry about if you come in last or not (that was my biggest fear) and just enjoy it :)

    1. Great advise! Thanks! And YAY about the 10K! That would be awesome! I think I want to do 5 5K's this year, starting with this one. I love them :)

  2. I think that is a good plan...but I find that once I start walking i never feel like I can get back to running again. So maybe set a time limit that you are going to walk for? Maybe put some headphones in and run for one song and walk for another? That's what I would do :-) And good luck!

    1. That is a great idea! I will have my trainer and team mates and Husband with me, so I will have a push to keep running lol, but that is Brilliant! And a great way to train too! Thanks for the idea! :)


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