Operation Skinny Jeans: T_____ Things Thursday: A Link Party

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

T_____ Things Thursday: A Link Party

Welcome to T_____ Things Thursday!

Now, I know you're probably asking yourself, "What the heck is a T_____ Thing?". It's a valid question. But fear not, fair reader, for I am here to give you the 411.

Here's how it happened:

Our friend Katie (aka thecarbmonster) was in the middle of a light (but restful) slumber when suddenly, Ryan Gosling appeared.

And Katie said "Of course, Ryan Gosling! And why not share it with the world? Why, I should make a link party! But wait, I should ask Alex and Jess to co-host! Ryan Gosling, you so brilliant and beautiful."

At least, that's how it went in my head. Either way, Katie had this idea, and asked us to help co-host, and of course we were like "heck yes!".

Basically, you make a list of anything you want. You can put as many things on the list as you want, as long as you use a number that starts with "t". So you could use two, three, ten...heck, even 3, 756 if you feel so inclined.

So post. Link up. As Ryan said, it's easy as pie :)


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