Operation Skinny Jeans: T_ Things Thursday- Gym Equipment

Thursday, January 24, 2013

T_ Things Thursday- Gym Equipment

I am linking this post up with the Operation Skinny Jeans and Hear Me Roar's Thursday link party! The rules are you list things that you love or are lusting after or whatever but the number you list, has to start with the letter "T"! I am listing three!

Three pieces of gym equipment I LOVE!

1. The Elliptical. I hate to say it, but I love the low impactness of it and man oh man does it make my ass and legs BURN!

2. Free Weights. These babies are so versatile and you can really do some damage with them (in a good way of course)

3. You! Well not you, but me! Body weight exercises are great and you don't even need a gym to do them!

There you have it! Now go write a post and link up with us!!


  1. Love me some free weights! My arms have definition for the first time in my life...this could have something to do with the 23 pound little person attached to my hip on the regular, too, but...

    Anyway, I'm hosting a hop tomorrow called fitness friday, it'd be awesome if you'd swing by and link up...since your posts are all about fitness anyway, it makes perfect sense! :))

  2. Loved the elliptical when I used to go to the gym. It is a great low impact workout. now I do DVDs at home. Found you through the Friendly Friday blog hop http://georgielee.blogspot.com

  3. New follower from Friendly Friday Hop!

    I am on my own weight loss and fitness journey and I LOVE what I have seen here!

    I love the elliptical as well, it is one of the only things that doesn't kill my knees and ankles.

  4. I greatly enjoyed looking through your blog and found an informative one for sports related topics.
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  5. One of my favorite workout equipment to use is the treadmill because I always enjoy running on it knowing that I am getting into better shape than before. I want to get one for my home so I have been reading FitnessBlowout reviews to make sure that I can get the right treadmill for me. The gym is intimidating and I would rather workout in the comfort of my own home.


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