Operation Skinny Jeans: It Works! Body Wraps Review - Alex's Take

Sunday, January 20, 2013

It Works! Body Wraps Review - Alex's Take

As you probably remember from Thursday, Jess and I had the opportunity to try It Works! body wraps. Sonya (an It Works! independent distributor) of Peace Love Boot Camp graciously sent us each one to try. Jess decided to use hers on her arms, and lost an inch on each one!

I, of course, received the same information as Jess, and it was very helpful for putting on the wrap and learning more about some of their other products.

I decided to suck it up and do my stomach. I'm going to warn you now that what I'm going to show you is not going to be pretty, but I console myself by reminding myself that my stomach's going to stop looking like this (thank goodness!).

 (Please excuse the awkward photos -- my husband kept getting distracted by the dog)

before -- front view
before -- side view

 So I put on the wrap. It felt a little cold on my skin, but it was fun. I loved the smell; it had kind of a menthol-y, eucalyptus-y smell to it, which I love. It also had a slight tingle to it, which I enjoyed (I'm a very tactile person, lol). I had Tom (the aforementioned husband) help me wrap my stomach up in saran wrap, then sat down to watch Hart of Dixie (I just started watching it a few days ago -- it's SO good) on Netflix while guzzling down some water (which I continued to do after the wrap was off).

stomach with wrap and saran wrap on it -- i like how much flatter it looks there!

When the time was up, I took off the wrap, and rubbed any cream still on my stomach into my skin. My felt softer (softer like to the touch, not like extra flabby), and smelled awesome, of course.

Here are my results:

after -- front view
after -- side view (please ignore my back fat)
Like Jess, it's not super noticeable in pictures (though I think you can kind of see a small difference from the side), but I lost inches!

before on left, after on right
Before I started, the largest part of my stomach (wear I put the wrap) measured 46".

When I was done?


Yup, I lost ONE AND A HALF inches from my stomach! How awesome is that?!?! (And that's just with one!)

I don't have 72 hours after pics, because I've been sick and haven't really left the couch, but things are still the same. I had a really great experience with It Works!, and would definitely use them again!

To see more before and after pics (not of me, but of other people) head to the Peace Love Boot Camp page!

I did not receive monetary compensation for this post. I was given a free wrap for review purposes. All thoughts, opinions, and results are 100% real and my own.


  1. Fantastic results with just one wrap. When did you take your after pics, were those as soon as you took the wrap off? That is great! If you want more information on the wraps, feel free to email me - peacelovefit@aol.com or visit my website http://www.BodyWrapsFL.com.

    And I hope you are feeling better too.


    1. Yes, I took the pics right after I took the wrap off (and I am starting to feel a little better -- my voice is coming back, anyway).

      Thanks again for the opportunity!

  2. I've heard of those wraps before--a girl I know is with the company. I've heard that if you continue a healthy lifestyle after using the wraps, the inches stay gone--if that's true, that's pretty darn good!

  3. But how long did the results last? I am assuming results are short-lived. There is no WAY the results permanent!

    1. What the person below said. They aren't a weight loss trick, I think they are more of a skin and fat firming thing. So if you continue to use them and eat right, they can aid in firming up some lose parts. But by no means are they a way to lose 100 lbs lol :D

      Thanks for asking!

  4. Well anonymous from what I read its supposed to last 3 to 6 months but could be permanent with healthy eating and exercise and daily water intake

  5. As long as I don't gain weight, my results have remained the same. I took a two week break between wraps #3 and #4, but I held on to the inch loss from #3.

  6. It's finally good to see a review with before and after pics! That's the main thing I look for! I just ordered one to try it out. I'm not heavyset, but still have some of my c-section belly I'm trying to flatten out! It's so awesome that you aren't just relying on the wraps and are dieting and exercising properly as well! People expect magic for a good looking body with creams and wraps, but it doesn't work that way! You have to work for it too! Keep up the good work!

  7. I got wrapped on Sunday, both my arms and my belly. Left the wrap on my arms for an hour and on my stomach for 2. I saw no results. I felt like I wasted $50.

  8. Kaesiah, whoever wrapped you should have told you not to do both areas together. That is to much for your body to metabolize.

  9. Kaesiah, whoever wrapped you should have told you not to do both areas together. That is to much for your body to metabolize.


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