Operation Skinny Jeans: Why? And a Weigh In

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why? And a Weigh In

There are hundreds of ways to lose weight. In a sea of options, its pretty common to try more than one (or 5 or 6) methods before you find one that you really feel works for you. This is really common.

So you may wonder what it is about Weight Watchers that made me chose it as my preferred method of shrinking. Well I will tell you :) But first I will tell you a little more about me.

I have tried lots of different ways to lose weight, and I have learned a lot about myself in the process. I have learned what works for me and what doesn't, and I am pretty sure I am not alone.

I need accountability. I need someone's to count on me to succeed. I HATE letting people down. I will go out of my comfort zone to not let people who care about me down.

I don't do well with deprivation. The minute I am told I can't have something, I want it, and all the things. Fun story- I was doing the HCG diet (you know the pregnancy hormone one) and the diet is UBER restrictive. After eating my daily allotment of 500 calories consisting mostly of chicken breath and tomatoes, I would binge on Cold Stone Ice Cream. I don't even love Cold Stone or anything, I would just binge. Depriving myself ALWAYS leads to a binge.

I need some structure. I don't really love being told what to (and more specifically not to) eat, but I definitely need guidelines. I didn't get here by eating all the right things, obviously, so having some guidelines really helps me stay on track.

I don't like to count high numbers. They give me a headache. I get 39 points a day, most foods are between 1-10 pts, and I can do that math. Easier math = better chance of counting.

I'm a little techie. I like my gadgets, and I really like a program that is as plugged in as I am. I am way more likely to count points if I can whip out my iphone and look it up.

I like people. I like connecting with and helping other people. I really like going to meetings. I make new friends, get helpful tips, give helpful tips, and get support. I try my hardest not to miss a meeting, and I know that works for me.

So there you have it. Why I choose Weight Watchers over every other plan out there.

And since I owe you- I lost 1.4 today! I am officially 263! This is the lowest I have gotten in all my weight loss efforts. I also hit a fun milestone last week that I totally skipped over (on accident). I have lost 22 lbs! My highest weight (on my wedding day) was 285.5. I am so glad to be moving further away from that number every day! I am also really excited to get back into the 250's here soon. I haven't been there in a really really long time.

So what is your weight loss plan of choice? Why do you do it? What's your favorite part? 


  1. Hi Jess!
    Congratulations on your weight loss! Currently, I am working on more veggies at lunch and dinner and smaller portions. I am also trying to run faster. I lost 5 pounds in two weeks, which is totally insane! I do a weight loss Wednesday post and I'll be linking back to this post this week. :) Esther Norine Designs

  2. Congrats what great progress!!!!!!! I weigh in tomorrow for week one. I like ww but I was starving and getting headaches so for this first week i upped my points a bit and that seemed to help lets just hope it doesn't back fire. I thought the 35 I was given was a bit strict for the 100+ I was used to eating. Well I will see what happens at the scale. Did you have problems sticking to the points?

    1. Thanks! :)

      As for points sometimes I do. I especially did in the beginning because it was hard to plan and I didn't know how many points things were. Now that I know, I usually eat within three points of my target, over or under. Remember you have those 49 weeklies too. If you are hungry remember you can always eat those. If you prefer to break it up, that's 7 more a day, which would bring you to 42 points. Another way to avoid starvation is to try to eat more power foods (the ones with the triangle). They really do keep you fuller longer. Even with those, I feel like I need to eat every 3 hours or so.

      I was thinking of compiling a list of foods I eat regularly along with their points. Would that be helpful?


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