Operation Skinny Jeans: What to wear?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

What to wear?

I am by no means an expert in work out clothes, but I am overweight and I do work out, so I wanted to share with you what I wear. :)  Navigating the work out clothes racks can be a scary and intimidating challenge. I am here to help!

If you look at my "before" picture, that is pretty much what I wear.

I have 3 pairs of capri length leggings. They are all Danskin from Walmart. I like the length and they are nice and light weight.

I also like to wear a t-shirt, and an undershirt. The undershirt helps me feel comfortable when I need to lift my arms :)

There are some really awesome work out clothes at Old Navy that I am seriously lusting over. Maybe Santa will help with that ;)

They have compression pants, shorts and capris that would be great for running or doing yoga. They hug you tight, but push in what you want to be pushed in :)

I also love these capris. 

And these shorts :)

As far as shirts, Old navy has a line of activewear with moisture wicking fabric. This is an excellent feature when you are a girl who sweats! I love this tee and that it comes in so many fun colors. Also the seaming on the back offers great support. 

So there you have it! My recipe for a solid work out outfit! What do you like to wear? Any favorites you wanna share? I have heard you can also wear those Old Navy shorts under skirts like Spanx! Sign me up!


  1. Yes to the Old Navy line! I have that shirt in a couple of different colors and I love it! It is a bit low cut for this busty lady, but I still love it. I have a couple of different capris from Old Navy, and I do love that they do not slide around, they just stick where they are supposed to be!

    I also have some Reebok pants from Lane Bryant which are nice, but pricy. And after dropping a few lbs, they don't really fit that well and I have to keep pulling them up.

    I, too, wear an "undershirt" in normal life and when I work out. Just knowing that my tummy isn't going to peek out is comforting! I got a $6 tank top from old navy that I can wear, or one w/a built in bra I use when I feel like I need the extra support.

    Great post!

    1. I wanted to share 2 tips/lessons about workout clothes that I've learned... #1 I wouldn't advise buying online and this flows into my #2 when trying on workout clohtes (I know this sounds crazy) jump around, dance a litle, do some stretches, wiggle and shimmy etc in what your trying on especially pants. I found alot of times that I would buy something that would fit in the dressing room only to end up at my kickboxing or yoga class pulling my pants up or my shirt down constantly because as I moved they moved. I found this to be the truest in stretch waistband workout legging pants. . I found pants with drawstrings to be a lifesaver because they helped my pants hold onto my weigth AND as I lost weight I could cinch them tighter. Hope this tip helps!... Love the cute Old Navy clothes you picked out! I didn't know they made workout clothes!

  2. I recommend, if one is busty AT ALL, to wear more-than-one-bra for high intensity work outs.
    Even for yoga -
    regular bra, sports bra (and a GOOD compression one), then a compression/heavy spandex sports top...then the T-shirt
    I am 5'2, 135# and that is what I HAVE to wear to keep the girls from more gravity-damage.

  3. I have a pair of yoga pants from Old Navy and I love them! My daughter has a pair too. So comfy!

  4. When I put this bra on the first time I thought it was the perfect bra. It seemed to lift me up well and it was so comfortable.I definitely recommend barely there bikini 2355


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