Operation Skinny Jeans: Lets get Physical, Physical!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lets get Physical, Physical!

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Ah Activity, how I mostly loathe thee.

Activity, I must say, is the hardest part of this process for me. Which sucks because it is such an IMPORTANT part. So what is my plan to get more active? Well let me tell you!

The Activelink! A few weeks ago WW rolled out the Activelink, a little device that has an accelerometer in it to measure your activity for you! It makes counting activity points idiot proof! I wear it in my bra, but you can clip it on your belt, wear it in your pocket or wear it on a necklace. 

When you get it, you wear it for 8 days and it does an assessment of your activity and sets a baseline and a daily goal. You plug it in every night and it loads your data and tells you how many points you earned. It also has these handy lights on it so you can check how close you are to completing your goal. 

I must say I freaking love this little thing. Activity was always the hardest thing for me to squeeze in, and now I feel like I make it a priority. My daily goal is 3 points plus. There were three days last week that I didn't make it, but I made up for it by doing more on the other days.

Here is my tracker from last week. You can see how I didn't do great on Tue, Wed and Sun, but Mon, Fri and Sat I totally rocked it! I earned 23 points last week (21 is my goal) so I think I am doing great!

So all in all, I love this new part of WW. I think it is the missing link in the program. It really does motivate me to be more active. 

So I know how I am going to monitor it, but I am going to have to do something specific to make a difference. This is where C25K comes in. I keep saying "i'm gonna do C25K!" and then never doing it. Its hard for me, I will admit, so I am scared to try it again. BUT I want to become a runner, and it is an excellent beginner running program. So I am going to start that again. This will be my week 1, so come back next thursday to see how things went :)

How about you? What do you do for Activity? Anything insanely awesome I should try?


  1. Well, for "insanely awesome", I have rock climbing, but I know that isn't an option for everyone. You have to have a decent gym nearby that you can afford a pass to, and you also have to not be deathly terrified of heights.

    Personally, I also find yoga and swimming awesome, since they build whole-body strength and are low-impact, which is better for my weakling joints than running is. But those are also only awesome if you like them. I think there is enough variety out there with yoga/pilates that you can probably find some form of it that feels good to you, but getting into swimming is a lot to ask of someone who doesn't already feel pretty comfortable in the water.

    1. Ok ok, I might get a little over zealous with my use of adjectives. Duely noted :)

      I would love to try rock climbing! It looks so awesome! I have also done a little yoga, and I am learning how to swim. I think you are totally right that it's all about enjoyment!

  2. i do beachbody programs and totally in love with them. i also run; i'm a newbie runner myself but beachbody has conditioned me so that i went straight to 10K (C210K) and i LOVE running. when i didn't know how to run before (can you believe that it's something you have to learn?) i hated it but now that i understand what it means to pace yourself, i LOVE running. anytime there's a nice day, i don't do my beachbody programs and go for a run instead.

    the important part of exercise so that it doesn't become a "chore" is to do something you like. that's what i found works for me. i hate the treadmill which is why i never ran on it, even though i have a very expensive one downstairs. when i was getting bored of p90x (the cardio components), i switched it up by supplementing with insanity asylum workouts and running instead. i discovered that this change is exactly what i needed to keep going and today, i just finished the p90x program.

    so find something you enjoy! that's the key to sticking with it. if you get bored, find something else! the important part is to keep moving :)

  3. That is excellent advice! I think you are totally right about variety. I have never heard of beach body but I will look into it. I don't mind videos, but I feel like I give up easily because no one is watching.

    I am really set on trying running. It's something I have never been able to do, so one I do, I think I will feel on top of the world! Lol. That's cheesy, but hey, it's true. :)

  4. What a great way to keep track of your progress!! I really like the 8 day asssessment!

    I'm a new follower of your blog. LOVE the title!! I am also working on getting in shape (albeit not as avidly as you are) but I need to step it up!!

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  5. I've been on Weight Watchers for 9 weeks now and lost 26lbs so far - I'm at 236 as of last week. A couple workout ideas that have been working for me are: if you go to a gym, do the dreaded "Step Mill" it is horrible, you will feel like you want to die and sweat to death, but it yields fantastic results. 3 days a week I do 30 mins on it and then 30 mins of interval hill training on the treadmill. Other days I do the elliptical for 60 mins or the treadmill for 60 mins. Today, I actually ran for 20 minutes for the first time in many years...so you can totally do it. You just have to do it in small intervals (1-2 mins jogging, 2-5 walking) and build up your running time. It takes time but it is totally doable. I've been tracking my progress on my blog if you are interested in taking a look it's called myfat2fitforever.blogspot.com

    1. Your success is seriously inspiring! I know I need to make a stronger effort in the gym department, because that is obviously working for you!! :)

      Thank you for commenting! I can't wait to follow along on your journey!


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