Operation Skinny Jeans: Fitspiration Friday- 2013! You're Looking GOOD!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Fitspiration Friday- 2013! You're Looking GOOD!

Can you believe it is almost 2013!? Man this year has flown by. We are looking forward to all the exciting changes coming our way in 2013 and that is certainly keeping us inspired!

Alex's Goals
  • More than anything, I want, as always, to get pregnant.  I think in 2013 it might actually be possible!
  • To get into a pair of jeans that doesn't have a 2 at the beginning of the tag
  • To lose at LEAST fifty pounds. I know I can do more than that, but I'm more likely to follow through if I make a smaller goal.
  • To help educate others on what's really in the food we eat.
  • To start running. And give it a proper try this time.
  • To encourage my friends and family to make healthy, positive changes in their lives.
  • To wear a pair of shorts in summer.
  • To not give up this time. I CAN'T give up this time.

Jess's Goals:
  • Get below 200 lbs! This one seems so far away, but I know I can do it! 
  • To run a 5K. Like run the whole thing!
  • To prove that I can do this. I want this more than anything!
  • To only drink water/ things that are water based (tea, flavored water)
  • To rock a pair of skinny jeans! 
  • To get pregnant!
  • To see Operation Skinny Jeans grow to inspire more and more women to follow their dreams and lose weight! 

What about you? What does 2013 look like? Any big goals? Lots of little ones?


  1. In 2013 I want to...
    *Reach my goal of 160... only 10 bs. to go!
    *Reach a weight, after I meet my goal, that is healthy for me and that I feel comfortable with body image wise.
    *To contiue to work towards eating cleaner
    *To have a garden this summer
    *To graduate from school, pass my exam, and recieve my certification as a personal trainer.
    *To start working towards an Associates degree.
    *To hopefully raise enough money to go on my mission trip to Italy.

  2. In 2013 I want to...
    * Reach my Goal of 175 :) I am well on my way, lost 10 lbs around christmas by eating well and working out :)
    * Fit into my jeans that I wore at the start of 2009
    * Eat healthier, and not have so many cheat days
    * Graduate from getting my masters and complete my certifications to work in a developmental capacity with kids
    * Feel good about myself again and have a positive body image
    * Be beach ready for my trip to Hawaii with Alan in March :) 3 months is plenty of time :)

    1. My favorite one is feeling good about yourself! That's what I want most, more than anything! You can do this :)

  3. I have been on WW for about 8 years and I love the program. I have been a lifetime member for about 5 or 6 years, but have about 8 pounds that has crept back on me and I decided to return to the meetings this year. I find it is easier to do when you keep healthy eating at the front of your mind! So glad I found you two!

    1. Definitely good advise! Thanks! I have quite a few lifetime members in my meeting and they have all said that coming to meetings is key :)

      We're glad you found us too!

  4. Hi Jess and Alex!! Those are some awesome goals you have both set for yourselves in the coming year :)

    Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party and have a Happy New Year!!


  5. Hi girls - there is an awful lot of energy going on with this blog. I can feel it. I will enjoy this, I can tell. anyway, new follower from the blog hop and hope you will return the favor.


  6. You both sound like you know what you want and know how to get there. I would love to rock some skinny jeans with y'all.

    Found you via the Aloha Blog Hop and looking forward to reading more.


  7. I'm visiting from Sincerely Paula's weekend hop. I usually don't do new year's resolutions/new year goals, but I did last year and met all of them but one. My goal this year is to complete that one. :)

    Good luck w/your goals I love how organized you are!

  8. Great goals girls! I haven't written my list yet but i know drink more water is on the top of it. I also wanted to mention that when I conceived 2 of my children was when I was following the weight watchers plan ( the third was a surprise) :) So good luck to you both.


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