Operation Skinny Jeans: Every girl needs a pair

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Every girl needs a pair

Of good workout shoes!

Shoes are so so so important! They support your body, put everything into alignment, and absorb the shock of you walking (or running). Finding a good pair is very important and should be a priority :)

For a long time I had Sketchers tone ups and in the same sentence I want to say NEVER GET SKETCHERS TONE OR SHAPE UPS :) Okgladigothatofmychest :) Those kind of shoes are not good for your legs, hips and back. They throw you out of alignment and make you tear weird muscles.

I am lucky enough to know a former Nike employee that knows how to fit you for running shoes. Of course another great place to go would be a specialty running store, but lets assume you are not a professional runner or someone willing and/or able to drop $200 beans on shoes that don't have red soles. So assuming you are like me, go to an athletic shoe store and ask them what you should get. They should check out the bottom of the shoes you are wearing, to see if you over-pronate or under-pronate. They will also check how high your arch is. Then they will ask what you are gonna use them for. Here is what I learned. 

Being on the fat side of things means that you need shoes with hard, thick soles. Shoes with air are bad because they will pop (and nothing makes you feel worse than popping the air shock absorbers on your shoes). You also want to look for a shoe that doesn't bend in half when you bend it. Bend it so it touches sole to sole, not fabric to fabric. If it bends, put it back. The next thing you are looking for is a nice breathable fabric. Your feet will sweat, this will help :) Lastly you are looking for a fit that isnt super tight. Your feet swell while you are on them so you want shoes that feel nice with room to spare.

As always, try a few pairs on and decide whats best for you. I went with the Nike Lunarglide 3 that I got at a Nike outlet. They are the ones in the pic above, but different colors. The right shoe will make you want to be more active. Your feet wont hurt and you will feel better :)

What shoes do you wear when working out? Any great pairs you recommend? Did you go to a fancy running store? Was it worth it?


  1. Oh this is such a miserable topic for me haha. I have wide feet and I swear they are different sizes. I can never find the perfect shoe. I have to wear tons of blister blocks to stop/heal blisters, ugh. Shoes and me not best friends.

    1. It is definitely possible that your feet are two different sizes. Have you tried an athletic shoe store? They can measure your feet and check. I used to buy my shoes at Kohls so going somewhere that specializes in athletic shoes helps :)


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