Operation Skinny Jeans: Change your routines

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Change your routines

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So as you probably read in my Weight Watchers 360 post, WW rolled out two new sides of the program, "Routines" and "Spaces".

The logic being that losing weight isn't just about tracking what you eat and getting more activity. Losing weight (long term) is about changing your life, and your world around is definitely a part of that. Sure, you can lose weight without changing these things, but it will be a lot harder, and your chances of long term success are a lot less.

So I started looking at my life, and I found some weaknesses. I am married (as is Alex) and my husband doesn't have the same weight loss goals that I have. I know I am not the only one in this exact situation. This is hard. I want to eat better, but then he is over there eating ice cream and I get cranky. I had a good talk with him about how I need him to aid me in my journey, not hurt me. I asked him to do a few things:

  1. Keep me accountable for tracking. Check my tracker every night and make sure I tracked everything. (I am pretty good at tracking through lunch, but dinner never makes it on there)
  2. Hold me accountable. Don't let me make self destructive choices. 
  3. Help me eat better, even if you don't. 
On that last note, I had a dinner epiphany. We don't have to eat exactly the same thing for dinner every night. We could eat two different dinners with the same ingredients. He can have smothered burritos, and I can make a taco salad, for example. He agreed to help me with this as well. 

So after tackling my spaces, I moved onto my routines. I have an extreme want to wake up early and go for a jog. It sounds picturesque and like something thin, healthy people do, but I can not, for the life of me, make it happen. I just like to sleep way.too.much. And thats okay. Its healthy to sleep. I just need to stop putting this impossible expectation on myself and make a better plan. That is when I had another great idea! 

My husband and I carpool (I take the train into the city, and he works by the train station) so we get home at the same time. He would take the dog out while I started dinner, then we would eat and veg in front of the tv. After we were comfy, it was nearly impossible to get us to get up and be active again. So I had the idea that when we get home, I will change and go to the gym while he takes the dog out and cooks dinner. And after a 30 min work out, I would come home and we would eat dinner :) Adding a 30 minute work out to my routine (which doesn't actually disrupt our lives because lets face it, he cooked most of the time anyway) seemed too obvious not to try it. And I was feeling pretty lazy about my activity efforts so this helps. 

I am feeling really good about these new changes, and after working out today, I feel really good about doing it again tomorrow :)

So there you have it! New routines and taking charge of my spaces :) 

What kind of routines have you adopted since starting to get healthy? How have you changed your environment to help you succeed?


  1. I have changed my routine by signing up for workout classes like yoga and kickboxing. This has helped because then I have a set time in my schedule that I work out. Also I have realized that I don't always need to go to the gym to workout so I have incorporated a pre-shower workout. I do a small routine like: 50 jumping jacks, 20 side crunches, 20 sit-ups, 10 lunges, 2 sets of 10 tricep dips and a 30 second plank all of which takes me 5-10 minutes then I hop in the shower.(just an idea my routine varies by what I want to do) I've also started up running and I have mapped out a route around my house that is 1 mile which I run in about 11 min. Sometimes these mini workouts don't seem like much but when I have doubts I remind myself any excercise is good and that they add up.

    1. I have looked into taking classes too, because they keep things interesting and also fit into a routine! I love the pre shower routine idea too!

  2. I forgot to mention that I try and do the pre-shower workout everyday before I shower so it becomes a part of my daily routine, like showering or eating a meal.

  3. I was laughing at "it sounds picturesque and like something thin, healthy people do"...nothing that early in the morning is "picturesque" for me haha.

    1. Lol me either. I don't look presentable for work until I get off the train haha. I am a zombie in the morning.

  4. I have the same impossible dream of going on early morning runs. I came to the same conclusion, as soon as I get home I immediatley change into my workout clothes and do something, run or a workout video. Maybe someday we'll both go on beautiful morning runs and watch the sunrise, as for now I'm sleeping as long as possible :)


    1. Maybe on a weekend in the spring before daylight savings when the sun rises later, we can make that happen :)

  5. Oh...let's imagine we are all our goal weights and we wake up in the cool morning air while the dew is still on the grass and trees and go for a jog and finish it in record time and go to work afterward!! I highly doubt I'll ever be able to pull that off with my bad ankles but it's lovely to dream it!! I'm more likely to continue my late night workouts just because I don't have to wake up earlier than I normally do haha. :)

    I hope you are having a lovely week my dear and thank you so much for linking up to last week's Aloha Friday Blog Hop.

    If you have time, we'd love to have you come back and link up to the Aloha Friday Blog Hop if you haven't already!


    Jean {What Jean Likes}

  6. Oh buddy that's huge, having the other half on board!!! When Jon and I were both doing weight watchers, the weight was melting off (admittedly, he doesn't have much to lose) but being on the same wave length food-wise was a huge helper. When he started to let standards slip, I was able to maintain on my own for about 8 months, but then after watching him munch through a Dominos or eat the way he pleases and not putting on loads of weight, I figured, fuck it, I can do it too.

    I definitely can't.

    It's a tricky one, but you have to be your own support, having someone else (especially the person you live and eat with) alongside you is awesome, but I've learned the hard way that relying on that support and having it fail, can sabotage even the most spectacular of efforts.


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