Operation Skinny Jeans: Alex's Week 1 Recap

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Alex's Week 1 Recap

Hello friends!

So here we are, one week into this crazy journey. I thought I'd let you all know how it's been going so far.

-Clean eating has been more difficult than I expected it to be. It wasn't until this week that I realized just how heavily I rely on convenience foods!

-I did cheat a couple of times. I knew going into this that I would allow myself to splurge a bit here and there, particularly around the holidays, but I didn't mean to splurge so much. Thursday one of my students brought cupcakes for his birthday, and I had one even though it had whipped icing, and I don't even like whipped icing. That night at our Christmas program I had half a gingerbread cookie (I was okay with that splurge). And then, last night, I was really, REALLY, craving sugar, and I had two packages of Swiss cake rolls. No bueno. (Note to self: LEARN TO TELL YOURSELF NO!!!!)

-Thursday during snack at school (the aforementioned cupcakes), I forgot that I wasn't drinking cow's milk and had about 12oz. It upset my stomach a little, but not a lot.

-My reflux has still been kind of bad this week. It's been milder, but still very prevalent, so I'm not sure milk is necessarily the culprit of my stomach woes.

-I worked out! Granted, not a lot, but I did do some yoga (that made me feel amazing!), and did part of Kidz Bop: Dance Moves (I'm not ashamed to admit it -- it was a decent cardio workout).

-I found what is probably my new favorite website. I'm obsessed.

All in all, not a bad week, but it could have been better.

Now, for some future plans:

-I'm thinking about going gluten-free for at least part of January to see if that changes the way that my body feels at all.

-I'm also going to start putting together monthly menus ahead of time, so I know what I need and never go through that last-minute "what's for dinner?"  thing. I'd even be willing to share them on here if you guys think that would be something you'd be interested in!

-I'm going to try to do a lot more kitchen experimentation to see what kind of yummy favorites I can make cleaner and healthier!

-I'm going to be upping my workouts to at least three a week. I think it would be better for me physically and mentally.

If there were meal plans on Operation Skinny Jeans, would you be interested?


  1. We recently switched my son to goats milk. I know it sounds sort of weird but it has made a huge difference with his reflux. It might be worth looking up some info on it. Sounds like your doing great.

    1. Thanks! I'm not sure where to get goat's milk around here, but it sounds like it's definitely worth looking into!

    2. They sell it at Safeway ( however is the most expensive place i have seen it) also Walmart carries it here to. I was worried about not being able to find it but everywhere i have looked has it so far just not in a gallon. Usually we find it in a qrt.

    3. Unfortunately, the closest Safeway to me is two hours away. I'll check our Walmart, but I've never seen it there before. Indiana's kind of podunk.

  2. i know for me (esp when i first started my program), i can't have chips otherwise i will go crazy and probably eat the whole bag! so, in the beginning, i never ate any junk or allowed myself any cheat days. my first "cheat" was on november 15 when i had tiny sliver of my husband's bday cake but that was after 11 months of not eating anything and having teflon will-power that i knew i'd be ok.

    try cutting out processed foods from your diet -- that usually helps with reflux (at least it did with my cousins). they found the additives in those foods irritated their system (even after years of consuming it before without any adverse effects) and after they cut that out, no more reflux.

    1. Cutting out processed foods is what I'm trying to do, so hopefully it will help. I'm interested to see how things go after I cut out gluten too.

  3. I think meal plans would be awesome...I'm not using Weight Watchers currently but would certainly be interested in what your cooking... :)


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