Operation Skinny Jeans: 5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Monday, December 17, 2012

5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

As we are all well aware, the holiday season is full of temptations: sugary desserts, calorie-laden comfort foods, and festive cocktails are all quite common.  With all these treats spread out before you (often multiple times over the holiday season!), it's not uncommon for people to put on a few pounds.  Here are my tips to combat over-eating during the holidays.

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1.) Bring your own food. Yes, it can be a hassle, and yes, some people might be offended (although if you explain the situation, they shouldn't be, but you know how some people can be).  You're less likely to be stuffing your face full of whatever's available if you brought along your own healthy snacks to munch on (like carrots and hummus, or grapes and cheese).

2.) Use smaller dinnerware. When your plate is larger, you feel a subconscious need to fill it. If you have a smaller plate, you're getting less food than with a larger plate, which means less calories per plate (and maybe you'll even subconsciously feel fuller on less!). This might sound silly, but I like to use baby silverware. I tend to eat quickly (bad for my digestion and my metabolism), but baby silverware forces me to take smaller bites, so it takes me longer to eat the same amount of food. It helps me feel fuller on less food.

3.) Indulge in your favorites, but use smaller portions. For example, I'm a starch girl. At family gatherings, it's totally common for half my plate to be filled with my granny's mac and cheese. I'm still planning on eating some of it this Christmas (it's SO good!), but I'm going to eat a normal-sized serving instead of the three or four servings I usually put on my plate. If you're afraid of overindulging, see if someone will split a serving with you.

4.) If you want a cocktail, choose champagne or a mixed drink with a lower-calorie mixer.  Champagne has fewer calories than beer or wine. Infused vodka could be a good choice, because compared to many types of alcohol, vodka is lower in calorie content, but the infusions add flavor (many people can't drink vodka by itself, which is why I'm not suggesting it...plus, it's always more fun with flavor!). It's super easy to make your own infused vodka too!

5.) Try to do something active to work in some sneaky workouts. Have snow? Go sledding (trudging back up those hills in the snow works those muscles!), have a snowball fight, or make snow angels. Indoor (and outdoor) ice skating rinks can be found in many areas. Dancing can be a fun holiday pastime (and you can combine it with karaoke and make it into performance art :P).

What are your favorite tips for getting through the holidays without packing on the pounds?


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  1. When at a buffet or party, I will choose vegetarian or paleo options. Depending on my mood. Usually it's vegetarian unless the meat looks awesome. I am linking this post up to my blog for Weight Loss Wednesday. Esther Norine Designs


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